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    • If it was about skill, and if the green reading books made bad putters better than they otherwise would perform, we'd see the worst putters on tour being closer to the best putters because there is less of a skill gap between the two. Instead we see that the gap between the best and the worst at putting has only grown larger since the widespread introduction of green reading books. This means they have not had any measurable impact on a player's ability to putt well, because it isn't allowing the worst putters on tour to keep up with the best like you would see if some part of the game took less skill suddenly. I ignored the skill issue because claiming it's a matter of skill is patently ridiculous, and provably false. They can say whatever they like, doesn't mean a word of it is true.
    • I have been thinking of this for a bit now and it happened to me yesterday, where I hit only 2 of 4 par-5s in regulation.   I am not sure what a realistic expectation for me should be.  I feel I should be able to make routine pars on these, or at least routine GIRs.  I try (I am not always successful, but I generally try) to not go for a pin from outside of 80 yards, focusing instead on getting on the green.  But even with that, maybe I should think more about what a realistic expectation for me on a par-5 is. I am always happy with a GIR.  Yesterday I hit 6 GIR, I don't think I was inside 25 feet on any of them, and I played those six holes in a total of +1.  I think that's a pretty good outcome for 6 GIRs, especially since I didn't make any of the birdie putts (which, again, were all low probability anyway).  
    • I saw that, I wish it was more tailored towards older teens than kids. It might be more as a cartoon style over an anime style. I will probably check it out.  FFIX is my 2nd favorite FF games I have played.  1. FFXII 2. FFIX 3. FFX 4. FFVII Remake 5. FFXV 6. FFVII 7. FFVIII I just like FFXII for the combat system, and the characters. I think it is overlooked in the FF series. It wasn't ground breaking, but just very good. I enjoyed playing that series the most. 
    • This is in the definitions in the Rules, and its Nearest Point of Complete Relief.  Your second paragraph is reasonably accurate, although you should generally look at COMPLETE relief to either side of the path, and determine which potential Reference point is closer to the original position of the ball..  Diagram 16.1a shows this pretty clearly. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=16 The underlined portion of your post is generally wrong
    • Final Fantasy IX Is Getting An Animated Series Relive one of the most celebrated Final Fantasy games in cartoon form @saevel25 and @billchao
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