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    • I am generally hesitant to do anything with my phone during a round (my previous phone, which I replaced over two and a half years ago, went through battery like it was candy), but I may check this out at some point, if nothing else so I have a backup for my laser and my GPS device.
    • I just opened and looked at my USGA GHIN app and don't see a GPS option. Where is it located? Ahhh, never mind. Found out that there's an app update that needs to be installed. I'll check it out after the update is complete. Thanks.
    • My course is a par 73 and plays 7081 yards. 1. SV (Par 4 – 335) - This is a great starting hole, it allows for clubbing down and getting out the gate without too many nerves. Driver also works fine, but it isn’t necessary, and can possibly even hurt your score. 2. Mammoth(Par 4 – 410) - This hole was not overly hard but it was just a fun hole to look at as you tee off over the sand dunes to a gentle right to left curving fairway. Apparently I love holes with a lone tree in the fairway which there is one the left side here. 3.  Mammoth(Par 5 – 518) – I thought this was one of the par 5s where you actually had to make a couple shots. I tugged my drive just slightly and just barely missed clearing the waste area that is more to carry the more you try to cut off to the left.  The second shot up hill also makes this hole a little longer and tougher than the 518 yards it is. It plays as the 3rd hardest hole at Mammoth and is a fun one. 4. Lac La Belle(Par 3 - 192) – Best hole on the course. 5. SV(Par 3 – 216) – Severely downhill par 3, wind is a factor, club choice and execution is very tricky here. 6. Lawsonia(Par 4 – 439) Big reveal after passing the first mound in the fairway, opens up to an amazing view. Just too many blind shots for me to this point, and this one was also partially blind, but playing it a second time will be even better.  7. Lawsonia(Par 3 – 161) Boxcar hole, hit the green or else.  Love it. 8. Mammoth(Par 3 – 198) Island green surrounded by sand, what is not to like. 9. Mammoth(Par 4 – 445) All the other number 9s are just okay, it’s probably between this and SV #9 but SV#9 is basically does not have much reward in going for the green from the tee and more or less forces a lay up off the tee.  Mammoth #9 is a neat par four that is an interesting green to play into up an to the right after your first shot. 10. SV(Par 5 – 563) I love the slopes on this par 5, play it right and you can get there in two with the right shot and a if you catch the downslope, miss a bit though, and you don’t have a chance. It also has a very cool bowl like green complex here that can lead to a close eagle putt or in my uncle’s case, an albatross. 11. Lawsonia(Par 4 - 510) I love the tee box here, 10 kind of stinks as a hole and then you walk up to 11 and you immediately are struck by the scale of the property on the back 9. It is a very long par 4 but I love the way it slopes and plays. I hit a decent driver and still had a 5 iron in. 12.  SV(Par 5 – 499) - Very getable in 2. Fairway tree count number 2, this time you can go right over it depending on your tee position.  Love it. 13. Lawsonia(Par 5 - 568) – This hole was not loved by all in out group but I think the design and choice you have to make on your second shot is brilliant to avoid death valley. It is also visually amazing. 14. Mammoth(Par 4 – 325) – Drivable downhill par 4 with a well-placed bunker which I managed to fly into. One of the most stunning holes on the course. 15. SV(Par 4 – 419). Waste area comes into play more than it appears to do so from the tee on the left and a miss right is maybe worse with uneven terrain and patchy lies. This hole is a blast to play and is much tighter than it appears. 16. Lac La Belle(Par 5 - 524) – Picturesque, with a tricky landing area of the tee, and a nice risk-reward choice. You have to really pay attention to the wind direction for your tee shot as well. Fairway tree count number 3. 17. SV(Par 3 – 236) – Possibly my favorite par 3 I have ever played even though I have not made par in 3 tries. It messes with your head and your state of exhaustion. 18. SV(Par 5 – 523) Up the hill, you’re exhausted and need to make 3 good shots here.  Love this finishing hole with the back right pin position.
    • I like RWC's approach to this question. I turned 65 this year after my 9-hole league began, so no switching to the gold tees for me this year, but it is something that is definitely in my future. From the white tees (not all that long at 5,800 yards) I'm playing most of my shots with Driver, fairway woods, wedges and putter, rarely using the rest of my clubs more than once or twice per round. Being able to hit more GIR in a round would result in increased "enjoyment factor" for me as well. It strikes me that handicap is not the best metric for which tees a golfer should use, that distance (driver, 5 iron, etc.) is a much better metric. It just takes getting the ol' ego out of the way....
    • Well, there were worries from me. We paid extra for an extra cart, there were plenty to spare.  There's a new variant of the virus out there right now... very contagious.  I don't have time to be dying in a hospital.  I have tee times coming up.  Your dad's potential viral load doesn't care if you are his son.  Good luck out there.
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