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Haven't Upgraded iPhone in Awhile - AirTags Will Change That

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Still using an XS and really haven't felt like I needed to upgrade my phone. Now with the new AirTags, I think I'm going to get a new one just for the U1 chip, lol.

I like this strap, always losing my sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 11.17.22 AM.png

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My first thought was "Don't see a use for those."  Then, watching the videos, I thought "Hmmm... Might be handy on a keychain."  (In fact I've a set of keys for the mower and the shed I keep misplacing.)  Then the first video mentioned tagging luggage.  Then I found out how nearly every iPhone on the planet would become part of the "find my AirTag network."  Ok, I don't know how useful that'll end up, in practice, but it is pretty darn cool :)

Golf related: I think I've seen 2-3 posts here or on another golf forum where golfers have lost their range finders.  Either left them stuck to carts or they fell off their bags somewhere on the course.  Hmmm... stick an AirTag on it?

Don't know as I'm going to run right out and buy any, but I probably will before the next time my wife and I do any air travel.


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I have locators on keys, wallet, cat, remote. They're especially useful for parents who misplace things like crazy. Me personally haven't lost my keys or wallet for a long time, actually, never, but I do misplace them, and finding them when they have a locator saves a lot of time, find it right away instead of searching for 10 minutes. The other day I was driving and couldn't remember if I left my wallet in my jacket which was in the trunk. So I beeped it without having to get out of the car, which reassured me. My last round, I dropped my sunglasses but luckily found them, eventually I'm gonna lose them, and they're not cheap, so I'm gonna AirTag them.

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59 minutes ago, SEMI_Duffer said:

I hadn't thought about AirTag'ing the cats :-$

A cat can find a lot of hiding places in a house. If kitty's owner gets antsy and can't find him, very handy way to locate him quickly. I've found a few of my cat's hiding places. Not my cat, but lots of people put a Tile on their cats.


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Oh, yeah, it sounds like a neat idea.  Wouldn't work for us, though.  Our cats have never had collars on them.  When we added a new cat we tried to put a calming collar like he had on our existing cats and they were having none of it.  Even the new cat, once the existing calming collar had expired, would not tolerate a new one.

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    • 1) Everyone is ignorant, since ignorance is the lack of knowledge. I am 100% ignorant in how viruses work. I know a small bit, but I don't know in detail enough to be able to speak on the subject.  2) When the facts show it is much more beneficial and safe to get the vaccine, in terms of your own health and in terms of the health of others, there is not much worth in having this difference of opinion. To me, it feels like you and others just want to be contrarian. When the facts are known to be as such, then it is expected to get some negative feedback from those who are correct in this regard. Though, it is a bit harsh to call someone uneducated and a moron. But, I think it is stupid to not get the vaccine unless you have a medical reason to do so.  Maybe not a moron, but definitely ignorant.  Also, do you respect the opinion of deplorable people? Come on, respecting everyones opinion is just not good for society. That is saying you respect the opinion of people like who commit horrible atrocities. Their opinion is they should be able to do so with out repercussions or are justified due to their religious doctrine. How can you respect that.  We are not talking about subjects like, what is the greatest football team of all time. This is about the validity of the vaccine (which it works stupidly well), and its utility for the safety of oneself and society (which is very high). These are facts. To say that I should respect the opinion of someone who doesn't believe in these facts, or has the opinion that they should disregard the vaccine. Yea, I am not respecting that opinion.  We are not talking about every discussion here. We are talking about this particular subject. So, don't try to generalize it.  Here is the thing, the facts are pretty clear here. All you have to say is, "Well, if I didn't have a family who pressured me, I wouldn't take the vaccine." That isn't a valid opinion. It is not based on anything but your gut feeling. It's like justifying that people who don't wear their seat belts are not idiots. They are 100% idiots for not wearing a seat belt. Seat belts reduce injuries and fatalities by over 55%. Not wearing a seat belt is just idiocy.  Well, the use of ignorant in this way is wrong.  You know the facts of the vaccine (I presume) since you are responding to this thread. If not, then you are ignorant since you lack the knowledge of the vaccine.  To have an opinion, not based on facts is to me idiotic.  Oh, I am 100% ignorant in many subjects. One of my college professors said the first day, "You are all ignorant people". Then he described what ignorance means. I went from almost being pissed off to thinking he's right. I am an ignorant person. I lack knowledge. I am not all knowing.  
    • I never cared for Rory, not sure exactly why. I really wouldn't get  excited to play a golf round with him. 
    • I finished reading LSW this morning...what a great and comprehensive book! I'll be reading it again, starting with the "Decision Mapping" and "Game Planning" sections. Frankly, before I spend much time on Shot Mapping, however, my swing has to get more consistent than it is now, or it will be a challenge to find much meaningful information, LOL. Regarding the latter point, using SVs has definitely lead me to focus on what skills are most important to practice. Specifically, I am focusing on Full Swing Motion shots (after spending the early part of 2021 focused on Short Game Motions shots and "Bead" putting drills) with Driver (get the ball in play as far as I can), Hybrids and irons (improve accuracy of approach shots) and Speed control for putts >= 25'. I will also be taking an AimPoint lesson in the near future.  Great stuff! 
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