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    • Had a birdie lip out on the final hole yesterday which would have given me a 67 and equal my age. But 68 is only the 2nd time I've ever shot that so pretty happy anyway. Golf is a crazy game. Last week I played 3 rounds and only had 1 birdie total. This week after 3 rounds I've had 15 birdies. Playing from the senior tees of course but this is the best golf I have played at anytime in my life and I have been at for over 50 years. Maybe it's time to retire. Ha. 
    • Breakthrough COVID infections show 'the unvaccinated are now putting the vaccinated at risk' Occasional breakthroughs are expected with any vaccine, but more transmissible variants... Now the choices of the unvaccinated are affecting those who have done the right thing. It’s now more like smoking where your “personal choices“ affect more than you.
    • As for golf, Schauffele is leading at -11 with Matsuyama at -8 with 2 to play. 
    • An incredible person in every way. State champion in horse drawn ploughing too!! When she was travelling home from the (tragic) Munich Olympics  at some point in her journey and she needed her gold medals to prove who she was.
    • She was a wonderful swimmer. Her accomplishment was similar to Eric Heiden winning the gold in ALL the speed skating events at Lake Placid. Mind boggling. When I visited Sydney a while back, I recall there was a boat named after her, maybe a ferry.
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