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Opponent Did Not Know Stroke and Distance Rule


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We had a somewhat similar situation happen at our invitational tournament a couple of years ago.  The format is one qualifying round to determine the top 32 guys and then 5 rounds of match play to get to a champion.  In one of the championship flight matches, a guy hit his ball into the woods and when it was suggested he re-tee a provisional, he was very confused.  He had no idea that if he lost his ball he could not just drop where it went into the woods.  He actually thought the playing competitors were trying to cheat him by not letting him drop where the ball went into the woods, and it took quite a bit of convincing to play his third with a stroke and distance penalty.

The next year, I played in the same 4-some with him at a similar format tournament at his home course, and it helped me understand his confusion .  His course has a local rule to play all wooded areas as a lateral hazard.  I got paired with him in the match play, and found out that he had only been golfing 6-8 years and had a very quick rise from beginner to low single digit handicap - and 95%+ of his career rounds were at his home course.  He just didn't ever learn the rules of golf and assumed that his course's local rules were the rules of golf. 

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    • Day 26: 8/12/2022 I got some really good practice in today. Went to the range. Hit about 50 balls with my 6-iron. (Block Practice) How I did it was 5 balls at a time. Focusing entirely on one of three things.  Five balls focusing on a movement I'm trying to get right with my hips. Slow mo first. A little faster second. Then do it full speed with no ball. Then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on a move I'm trying to get right in my backswing. Again, slow mo, a little faster, full speed no ball, and then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on my hand path. Same as above. Slow mo, a little faster, full speed, then hit a ball.  Rinse and repeat.  Then I hit ten balls with the driver. I'm trying to improve my driver consistency. So, what I did was focus on a pre-shot routine and my set up. Tried to hit all 10 into an imaginary fairway.  Then I went over to the putting green and after warming up I did @iacas's "Makeable Putts Game". I scored 13 points... Not sure if that's good or bad. But I know I can do better.  Lastly, since I also want to improve my wedge play, I went over to the short game area and hit 36 different pitch shots from about 20 to about 70 yards. (Random Practice?)  I really wish I had time every day to do the practice I did today. I feel like everything I worked on are important things that can help me improve. 
    • It is a disbarrable offense for a lawyer to lie in a court pleading, so I'm going with what the lawyer said in the suit, not what the LIV PR flack says. Just playing common sense here, but LIV not being able to provide competition for their players is one of the silliest claims yet.  If they want competition, play the tour.  If they're just interested in money play LIV. The PGA pays what it pays based on how much they actually generate, which has absolutely nothing to do with what other sports pay, that generate what they generate.  LIV pays based on how much money the Saudis want to sportswash and has nothing to do with how much LIV generates.  But how strange that a non-competitive league would set itself up against the ultra-competitive PGATour. I had asked about your profession, in a prior message, because I was looking to see if my surmise that it had nothing to do with law or economics was correct.
    • Hang in there, brother. I've been there. We all have. Driver is great at the range, but sucky on the course.  A couple of things. It will come. Keep up your range work and it will transfer. Just know that it will ... eventually. Be patient. Stick to the plan.  Maybe try to hit the driver a little extra in warming up before the round? When doing so, try to find a swing thought that works "that day".  You can always try visualizing the range when on the tee-box. Imagine you are on the range. Really "see" the range. That can also get you thru.  If none of that works, one thing that sometimes works for me is to image the golf ball sitting on the tee is a nail, and nail is just started to be hammered into a baseboard. I'm trying to hammer that nail into a baseboard. But the only hammer I was given is 46" long. Forget all the mechanics and just try hitting the nail on the head.  Lastly, sometimes it only takes one round of hitting it well and suddenly everything kind of "clicks" into place. Sometimes it only takes one shot.   
    • I thought Minnie driver was great in GoldenEye!  Oh wait, that's not what you meant.   
    • Okay so, I have a few rounds in now and I'm starting to like this thing.  The last time I played I didn't have to do any editing after the round. It was only 9 holes, but I actually tagged everything exactly right and even got the pin placements right. 😄 I only had to go back and change 2 shots to positional shots.  I have 7 rounds in there now, so the data is starting to get interesting. The first thing I've learned (okay, confirmed, because I already knew it) my wedge play is not very good. I was surprised to find that I'm getting up and down only about 20% of the time with my 54 or 60 degree wedge in my hands. Interestingly, when I putt from off the green, I'm getting up and down 73% of the time. (That's with 15 attempts, so that's interesting to me.)  The second thing I learned is I am super-inconsistent off the tee with the driver. Take a look:  There is almost 100 yards difference between my longest drive and my average drive. Which tells me that for every really good drive I hit, there's at least on real stinker.... probably more than one. Some of those have hit trees, but some of them (too many) have been straight up shanks, hosel rockets, tops, flubs, thins, toes, heels, and/or skanks. If I can eliminate the totally sh!tty ones, I think my average would come up closer to my performance average. I'm not good enough at math to calculate my standard deviation, but I bet it's huge.  I did find that I'm just about as likely to miss left of the fairway as I am to miss right of the fairway.  I plan to start to work my practice around the areas that need improvement.  Of course, I'm going to continue to work on my swing in general, as it can still get better. But consistency off the tee and wedge play will have to get a little more attention going forward. 
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