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    • Bryson honey, that is so much BS!  My friend that I played golf with on Monday says he takes vitamin D so therefore he is immune.  I drink red wine... so I'm good too.  Or at least I'll die in a stupor...
    • Been working on this more in the evenings. Hitting a lot of pitch shots then moving into the full swing. It looks like I could still shorten it up somewhat, does the right arm look to bent at the top here?     
    • Just read this yesterday.  National news... you've probably all read it too.  Guy and his wife, with kids, decide to wait one full year from the first vaccination to determine if it was safe.  He caught Covid-19 a week ago, fought and fought, several hospitals.  39 years old... he died.  His final text to his wife:  "I should have gotten the damn shot". Hurricane coming soon to the Bahamas.  I don't like to play golf in the wind.  But thanks Zippo.  At least you're not a covidiot.  😁 Even to the end of your driveway.  Even to the closest public school.
    • I 100% Second your statement! My company just reinstated mask mandates in open areas for all and a few other reasonable restrictions.  All are things I can "LIVE" with. (pun intended)
    • What is it about a person who has a platform if you will and cannot use it to encourage people rather than tell everyone that if “…your young and strong like me” you don’t need a shot. What a fool!
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