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    • Took inventory of how I have done this year.  I started the year with the course I called my "home" course last year and as I am playing the "par challenge" version of this, I have parred 13 holes with 5 to go.  One, #7 on this course, I came within 4" of an eagle 2 back in April.  It remains the sole birdie on that course.  As I joined another course this year at a ridiculous low price, it has become my new "home" course.  I have parred 15 of the holes with two of those going green with birdies.   I just did a composite walk through of all the rounds I've played thus far this year at the different courses and I have parred all 18 holes, birdied three of the 18.  This has been a growth year and am looking forward to taking some of those pars off the scorecard and making them birdies or better. 
    • Day 37 (02 Aug 21) - Wedge work in the backyard "rough" today, its been raining enough that I have not been able to cut the grass so its anywhere from 2" to 6" high in places.  This makes for interesting work on controlling the ball flight, but given how often I tend to be left or right of the green in the taller stuff, it makes for good practice.  I can practice up to 30yds in the backyard and stretch that to 55-60 if I "borrow" the neighbors yard.  Worked exclusively with the Ping Eye 2 (50.5, 57.5) and Eye 2+(53.5) wedges.  Fought being flippy handsy by purposely slowing down and letting the legs lead the torso back and also starting the downswing.  
    • Yesterday I carded a 74 on Pinehurst #5. 37 a side, 2 birdies, 4 bogeys.  White tees, not long at 6178 yards.  What felt good about the round was using my newly acquired TS2 17* hybrid with one of my favorite shafts a Fujikura Atmos TS 8 Stiff, Blue.  It felt great! Today I couldn’t wait to again put the Hybrid into play on Pinehurst #2!  It played well again today especially into Par5’s.  Played them -2 (2 pars, 2 birdies!).  It was a good day again, played White tees at 6307 yards, shot 39/37.  12 Fairways, 10 GIR’s and only 27 putts. Today was round 142 for the year. (don’t hate me) 😀
    • My layman common sense thought about this is you spend all those swings grooving an open face it's gonna be helluva hard to get face closed assuming you've grooved the rotation bit.
    • At the moment I turn my hips by rotating my pelvis clockwise, but would it be better to rotate your hips by lowering your left knee, causing the right hip to rotate backwords?   Or is this an inferior method to using your pelvis to rotate your hips?   Reason I ask is because when I use my pelvis I often experience reverse pivot of my upper spine at the end of the backswing, because my pelvis isn't rotating straight across when I reach the end of the backswing, I'm shifting it which is putting it out of line, causing the upper spine to go out of line  
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