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What do You Guys and Gals Think About the Current Delivery Times?

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4 hours ago, PeaceFrogg said:

PXG is great.  Ordered a putter, driver and another putter in Feb. March and June, respectively. Custom assembled yet all arrived in 10 days. Back in April, ordered a set of Srixon ZX 5 irons from normally dependable Rock Bottom Golf. Waited 2 weeks with no delivery. Called customer service and they said another month. Canceled and bought in person from Golf Galaxy.

I can't buy from in person stores. No one stocks the specs I need. 😞 

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23 hours ago, saevel25 said:

I can't buy from in person stores. No one stocks the specs I need. 😞 

That's why I like ordering from PXG when they have their blowout sales. I can customize anything to my specs. Really paid dividends with the customized driver and putters.

But, I didn't want their irons, I wanted the ZX 5s straight out of the box and mail order on them was crazy wait times. Luckily I found them at one of the GGs in my area. Plus I traded in my old Ping Gs, so it worked out great.

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I recently picked up a Ping G425 3wood. I had some things to trade, so I went to a local shop today to get the matching 5wood. They only had a few pieces of Ping equipment, and said it could be October before they get more. I thought as everything started returning to normal, the stock at golf shops would, too. I guess I was wrong.

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I ordered some PXG irons last Monday and the guy told me 14 to 15 days build time. I should see them in 3 weeks. 

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12 weeks in still no wedges. I got An option on some stock RTX Zipcore wedges i will buy those if i don’t get them before my golf trip.

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On 5/27/2021 at 3:41 AM, Vinsk said:

I absolutely love them. Great feel, sound great and they really get the ball moving. They are every bit as long as my Callaway Mavrik Pros.  But I do have to say I got graphite shafts which I’ve really come to like. It’s a great deal I think. PXG irons for $99/club….highly recommend.

Mine came today. Just under 3 weeks delivery time so that's good. And the clubs are great! Hit a few on the back forty and it was pretty amazing. I'll give them a course trial tomorrow but I think I'm gonna be happy.

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Ordered a pair of foot joys over a week ago from PGA superstore. They didn’t have them so they had to come from foot joy. Still waiting for them to ship. What is their problem? I only go online when I can’t get what I want in a store. Stores inventory is piss poor these days. How do these companies expect to recover if they don’t get product in the shelves?

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48 minutes ago, tinker said:

 What is their problem?

I think I might have heard someone mention something called a pandemic (or something) a while back.................;-)

FJ shoes are made in China. There are supply chain problems affecting most items in every part of the globe.

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    • Has anyone successfully got a round off of a GG Live system via computer in the past few days?  I'm wondering if Wednesday's failure was related to some sites disappearing briefly from the internet (although I was able to access the GG site).   Right now, mine is just recharging so I can use it on Sunday.  Would be nice to get the stats for today.
    • Day 149.  I played 18 today with two friends.  A very narrow course (the "Babe" course in Industry Hills), I had three lost balls that I don't think would have left the playing area if I had hit them at my home course.   I should have lost a fourth but sadly found it (my recovery was sufficiently difficult, and I tried playing high percentage shots, too, that I hit my fourth from closer to the tee than my provisional landed).  I still shot a 93 and hit many greens with full swings, even if they weren't all for in-regulation (but I still had 6 GIR).   Note to self:  play narrow courses a bit more, and get better at these tee shots. Also I feel I putted well but I'm not going to gamble trying to get the stats off the GG.
    • That's Ok, but not a very ambitious goal at all. It should be pretty straightforward to get within 10%. 30 ft is a typical distance for a first putt (even for the pros), and you should hardly ever 3-putt those, so the key is to be within 3 ft (or 10%). Put it another way, when you have a cross-country (or cross green) putt of 90 ft, a decent result is to be around 6ft, or 9ft if you want, so 10%.  20% puts you. way too far out. To the OP, I was the worst putter in the world when I started. It took me almost 4 years of playing 9 holes after work on Fridays to get my first par, because I was on very few greens (1 or maybe 2 at most per 9), but because I was 3-putting from everywhere. I fixed this by practicing dialing in the speed correctly. And that also means hitting the ball reliably with the center of the face. Then hone yours skills on reading greens, but the most important part remains controlling the speed. FWIW, some 15 years after I made that first par, putting is the strength of my game and I only 3-putt about 2% of the holes according to my stats (in GolfPad), or about 1 hole every 3 rounds, on average.  You too can do it: it's much easier than drastically improving one's long game!
    • What constitutes slow play for me is when I'm on a hot course and not playing so well, and the group in front will never be invited to play speed golf in the Olympics.  My mind begins to wander to a beach, a cold gin & tonic and my shady side patio.
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