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    • I played the Elks Country Club near Portsmouth, OH for the first time today. It's an old Donald Ross design that while it is not kept in destination course condition, it is easily the best course I have played in SE Ohio. It's a low bar, but the economy has forgotten most of the area and it  just can't support high enough greens fees to maintain the course any better.  I paid $30 to ride 18 today at 1PM. My driver miss today was a straight pull, which I prefer over the usual slice that I fight. On the the par 4 #6 I pulled my driver near the #2 tee box, leaving me about 180 yards to the green with a line of trees between me and the green that I was too close to to go over them. For the first time in my life I intentionally hit a fade/slice that traveled parallel to the line of trees before turning right through an opening in the trees and rolling up to about 12 feet from the pin.  I drained the putt for my only birdie of the day.
    • The golf gods giveth; the golf gods taketh!   Been there done that.   I head back to the range to work on my game.   
    • Hello fellow golfers! Here is my predicament; within seven days and on the same course: Tuesday: Scored 88 (thanks to consistent iron shots, but OB driver) Friday: Scored 84 (best score ever; great iron game and improved putting) Monday: Complete disaster, and I stopped counting at 110. - could not hit a single iron shot (iron is usually my strength) - either hit thin or fat shots that barely made it a few feet - I even hit the SW so badly that it directed the ball sideways and hit the cart It could be that I was overthinking after I hit my best ever score? Maybe I put myself under pressure to score even better than in the last game? I tried several adjustments, however it only got worse. Side Note: I was on vacation last week and was not looking forward to being back at work on Monday. I felt a bit stiff from the Friday game and did not sleep enough from Sunday to Monday. Has this ever happened to you, and what did you do? Did you take a week off from golf or did you review your swing (video)? Thank you, Nave
    • 6 or 7 iron?   I guess it kind of depends on what club is versatile for you.   You could have anything from pitch shots to full on shots to get back into play.   Maybe whatever you would use in a one club tournament?
    • Which is why @iacas and TST instructors in general recommend priority pieces. This could really screw someone up who’s hip rotation wasn’t a priority piece or who’s hand/wrists movements were. I vote D-. Not an F purely because of his enthusiasm…lol.
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