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    • For the record and for what it’s worth, I’m not a Xander fan. I just think he’s pretty good. 
    • Maybe. Maybe not. That’s why I said it “could be.” Statistically things aren’t in his favor because, as you mentioned, the field is pretty good. But he’s also pretty good—one of the best statistically-speaking. Sometimes just a little bit of success can spur one on to do more. He looks like he has the talent, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Curious: is there something in his game or swing you see that you don’t like? You’d know better than I, for sure. To me, he looks very solid. I didn’t know if maybe you saw something he needs to fix, just based it purely on the numbers, or the fact that you don’t like him and that your dislike of him could have tainted your view of him (even if deserved!). 
    • And I'd wager that within a reasonable version of "launching pad" it won't be. He won a weak, limited-field event. I'm sure it feels great - it's one event every FOUR years instead of majors which are four events every year (usually). But it's not even as good as winning a WGC event or the Masters or something (also limited field events) as an actual achievement. I'd be willing to wager that simply because: There are a lot of other good golfers out there. He hasn't done it yet, and for "this" to be the catalyst, he'd have to do it within the next year or so for this to be the "launching pad." Who cares if he, like Sergio, wins a major 15 years later? The 1999 PGA was not the launching pad for Sergio's Masters win. Nor were any of the Ryder Cups in which he played so well, etc.
    • Make some swings in a mirror and try different things. See what your feels produce. I don't really know what you mean by "using your knees" in this way, and quite honestly, I don't think you do either… not because you don't think you know, but because you're probably not doing what it feels like you're doing. Move the hips properly, and see what the other body parts do. Do it in a mirror so the feedback is immediate.
    • Feel is different for everyone. Use the one that gets you the result you’re looking for.
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