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2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines


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1 minute ago, Shindig said:

Okay, who among you cursed Bryson with my short game?

He left the building a while ago. Not a fan but feeling sorry for him a tad. 

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I was researching to tell you a fun story about Azinger and it turns out the story was about Lanny Wadkins.  It's the story of asking Seve to move his marker in the Ryder Cup and then sinking a putt by banking it off the moved marker.  I thought that was Azinger in '91 singles, turns out it was Wadkins in '85 fourball.   So nevermind on that.

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Just now, nevets88 said:

You’d figure someone would come up with more background on Oosthuizen other than his farm. 

Wait, is this not the tournament sponsored by Farmer's Insurance?

Did you know Louis won the UKBO a few years ago at St. Andrew's, a few months after winning the Masters' Par 3 Contest? 

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Just now, Zippo said:

Louis needs to fly like an eagle. Again. 

If he doesn't make it on the green in two, I hope he doesn't do something silly, like asking his caddy to tend the pin on his third shot.

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It's like the percentage going down on Louis' hand as the flop is revealed, then the turn and one last Hail Mary heave river card left. 

Let's go Louis!



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    • Went 6 days with no golf due to course closures here at Pinehurst. Played #8 today and surprisingly played well, 12/14 fairways, 9 GIR and 29 putts. 39/38 for a 77. The Groundskeepers built a snowman on the Par 5 6th. A few fairways still had some snow in some locations but the course was playable. Good to get out again.   But more snow is possible this Friday into Saturday.
    • Bill Haas could hit it 25 yards farther, but hates seeing the ball get really high up in the air. He feels like he has very little control over it when it gets up there.
    • Finished Spider-Man and Miles Morales. What fun games. The web slinging through the city lives up to the hype as well as knowing what it's like to have the powers of Spider-Man and the fights never got old. The story for S-M and MM were both very good and they got a lot of details of Manhattan right, although the map was off. Almost finished with God of War and did not expect it to be so good. Having your son along the whole way enhances the story so much. Next up will be Death Stranding and then Bloodborne probably. Going through the Playstation exclusives.
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    • Lineups are due today (okay, tomorrow morning) because this week's event they are playing Wed-Saturday, so you can focus on football this Sunday.
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