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2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines


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To those wondering @nevets88's question on last page, a lot of players don't shout "fore" because they're too busy saying "there's no way that's going to hit that guy."  But for real, shout fore if there's a chance 🙂 

Re: Bryson's tee shot on #13, how does he slip like that?  I realize his swing is more powerful than mine, but I slipped like that at a demo day once... while wearing tennis shoes that I had been wearing for a year (with about no tread left).  And that was before I knew how to swing, so who knows what I was doing.

Then we had this conversation in my family.  Mom asked me yesterday what I'd do if I were just inside 200 yards to go for a shot at #18.  I told her I'd aim right of the green, avoiding the water and leaving a pitch shot as my likely next.  She pointed out that Koepka's third was about to come from there a few minutes ago, and then he pitched into the sand, which I (should not have) pointed out is about what she'd do from there.  She is able to hit great pitch shots over sand, but only when she isn't aware that there's a bunker between her and the green.

And what's this I'm hearing about someone was tackled on the 13th?

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Bryson's coming apart.  While he isn't my first choice of someone near the top to win today, I don't like seeing him melt down this way.  However, him finding his ball next to someone's tailgate is weird.  Also, someone got caught tailgating! 

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    • I'm with you. I never want to "see" the commentators talking if at all possible, show me somebody hitting a shot.   I totally agree. I really like watching the Masters on 3 screens. Normally I have Amen Corner, Featured Groups as my baseline on two of the screens. Then I have at least one other feed. I'm often bouncing around on the 3rd screen between different stuff. 
    • Wordle 373 3/6 ⬜🟩⬜⬜🟨 🟨🟩⬜🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
    • I have to confess, I'm bummed about DeChambeau. BUT not surprised.  I've always enjoyed the way he plays the game, he does stuff differently and I think that's good for the game. He also signed a buddy of mine's head cover a few years back and couldn't have been nicer to us.  Having said that, He also often behaves like a big old baby and does some things I simply can't defend. When he berated the camera guy that was ridiculous. When he stomped off the range and buried his head against the wall to cry. That was not only ridiculous, but also weird and made me wonder if there was actually something wrong with him. (More than just being eccentric.) His two minute forty second putt was also non-defendable.  I don't think he's a smart or as "engineering educated" as the media gives him credit for (No where near as smart as he thinks he is). But again, he's interesting and different and I've always argued that those characteristics make him good for the game. So, I was disappointed when he made the jump. BUT I was NOT surprised. I don't think he "gets it". I don't think he does his research on anything as much as he tries to portray himself as this man of study and logic. I think he sees himself as edgy and outside the box, but at the same time he can't read the room for s#it. His comments about vaccination were just embarrassing and I think show a real lack of seeing the big picture. So, I wasn't surprised when he jumped, but I remain disappointed. I've been disappointed in him several times in the past so, I'm getting used to it. 
    • C’mon man! You were the President of the Taylor Gooch fan club! You got that tatoo!😜 Agree, 54 hole snooze fest.
    • True, but even when they decide to focus on a shot, it can still take 20-30 seconds for the player to execute. The broadcast likes to include the player picking a club and setting up. If they take too long, sometimes they cut away, sometimes they don’t. I’m not saying I prefer it.  Personally, I would love to see more shots, less putting. 
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