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I just got a crazy idea. I played 36 in a day earlier this week riding both rounds, and I honestly wasn’t tired at all, so I was thinking about doing 54 in a day, with a rough timeline:

7:30- First round 

11:15- Break

12:00- Second round

3:45- Break

4:30- Third round

I’m thinking it would probably be best to stick to the same course in all three rounds, otherwise I’ll be competing with daylight. Also, I’m planning to take a cart for at least two of the three rounds, most likely all three.

My logic with four and a half hours between tee times is pretty simple: at my home course (which is where I’ll be playing all three rounds), just about everyone plays at a good pace, and nine times out of ten I can get around in four hours or less. 

What do y’all think? Anyone else done this?

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We used to do 54 frequently when I was single in my 20's and 30's. Walking, carrying my bag. (Not very hilly courses). Quite doable if you are in any kind of halfway decent shape.

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I had a two month period of my life in second quarter 2008 where I played 36 holes every Monday, walking, carrying my bag.  I was a lot younger then (approximately thirteen years younger than I am now).  One of those rounds was my first ever sub-90 round.

I've never done 54.  I might try this summer;  maybe while visiting my parents (some courses near them have specials this time of year most years and I imagine they'll continue to do so this year).

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I once participated in a large 54 hole outing (with carts) at 3 different courses requiring minor travel in between each. . Definitely doable. I have walked 36 many times.

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I don't think I could stay mentally sharp enough to enjoy it. Can I ask why?!  

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I’ve done 54 on the same course a couple of times.   Always cart because they weren’t easily walkable.  I was able to keep my focus because my third round of the day was the best.  

lot of weekends in my 20s, in walked and carried my bag for 36 each day.

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  • iacas changed the title to 54-Hole Day

I've played 54 in the past on an unlimited golf package at Boyne in Northern MI.  It's really not that tough, especially if you're not travelling much between courses.  You do however need to do two things.  First you obviously need to get an early start.  Second, you need to catch the courses when they aren't terribly busy.  You aren't going to get in 54 holes with 5+ hour rounds (frankly why would you even want to if that were the case...).  

That was all when I was in my 20s and early 30s.  These days, my preference is to just play 18-36 holes and find something else enjoyable/relaxing to do the rest of the time.  

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    • Can you share some information about your computer, such as OS?
    • There used to be a joke about the instructional articles in Golf Digest.  It might still be there, I haven't subscribed in years.  Anyway, every odd-numbered month, the lesson would be "fix your slice," but what they wouldn't tell you is that it'd cost you 10 yards.  In even numbered months, they'd tell you how to gain 10 yards on your tee shot, but not tell you that it'd cause you to slice. YouTube instruction is a bit like that.  You'll get conflicting information that may or may not cancel out.  Find someone reputable and get lessons for you not for some generic you. If you need someone online to give you something to work on, and don't feel like spending the money for something quality like Evolvr (hey, money was tight when I took up golf, I understand), at least make a "My Swing" thread and try what ends up being suggested for you.  The first time I did this, I was shocked at how someone could watch a few swings on video and give me good advice of what to practice that resulted in some improvement.
    • No. At best you’re going to get conflicting advice that may or may not work with other things you’re trying to do in your swing. 
    • It’s been a month or two since I last played, but I took Classic out for a spin, and it worked just fine. The data was able to transfer from my device using my computer as well. 
    • Do you guys watch or like any YouTube instructions channel? I’m as a newbie follow a few that think help me learned. It might not better than lesson but for now it will do. I plan to take specific lesson though like griping and swing path. I watch a lot from Danny Maude and Mike Breed.
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