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TRUE Linkswear Sport (OG and LUX)

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This isn't quite the replacement for the Sensei… but…

  • LUX Sport:
    • Transitional drop
    • Wanderlux Sole
    • Adaptive Sport Knit
    • 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee
  • OG Sport:
    • Zero Drop
    • Barefoot Sole
    • Adaptive Sport Knit
    • 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee

Based on that I'm more interested in the OG Sport.

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  • iacas changed the title to TRUE Linkswear Sport (OG and LUX)
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9 hours ago, saevel25 said:

Same, I am not a big fan of soles that have that chunky look. Where the side profile is like a > shape. 

Yeah, that's "heel drop."

You can have a sole that LOOKS like that while the inside of the shoe goes "into" that heel, but in this case the sole is "transitional heel drop" or whatever on the one model.

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Interesting place True is going. I liked the colors of the Pebble Collection.  Not so much the colors of the Sport. 

I guess the Knit style is staying for a bit. 

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Very interesting.  I will only wear zero-drop shoes...I love my OG's, and I love the OG Feel...would be amazing if they can really do an OG with truly waterproof knit.

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It sounds lame but was disappointed in the 1.2 color schemes. 

Back on topic which is the new drop today or tomorrow as the website states. Again not thrilled with the colors and don’t think the lux fit will work for my foot type. 

The knit sports are intriguing as I wear my Knit II everywhere but the course. The course is for my Originals or Majors. 

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8 hours ago, caniac6 said:

That seam up the heel makes the shoe look unfinished.

Does a football look unfinished, or a baseball?

I think it’s stylish.

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