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2021 NFL Season


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30 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Unless you are Russell Wilson and win the Super Bowl in your second year.

Addendum:  And lose the Super Bowl in your third year.


Helps having the best defense that year... When you attempt just over 400 passes in the regular season, and average 23-ish attempts per game in the playoffs. Yea, not sure I attribute that to him 😉

Back to Urban, I am listening to a podcast that is going over the Ohio State 2014 season. It started off by going over the transition year, and what the players and coaches went through under him. 

Man, he put both players and the other coaches through hell. Like, they would have position competitions with each offseason agility and strength drills. So, if the LB group beat the WR group, then the WR coach had to run sprints. Everything was about you either win or lose the day, and he applied that to the coaches. He was obsessed with winning. Like, OCD level. There was a chart that was up in the athletic center at Ohio State, were they posted who was over achieving, getting by, or struggling with their academics. You would be in a color area. To him, everything needed to be a competition between each other on the team, before you even compete on the field. 

Some of the stories, man I have no idea how he wasn't fired in his first year. Like, he made the college athletes train outside in single digit temperature. Like, some seriously dangerous stuff. 

I can see how if he tried to implement his type of culture it was not going to work out well. I can see why he hired people he knew a lot. They know what they are getting into. If he wanted this culture, he should have fire the entire coaching staff. Brought in his guys. Then basically told the players, its going to be hell here for the 1st year. If you don't like it, there is the door. Heck, Bill in NE routinely dumps people who doesn't do things his way. I think the is probably up front with them about what they are getting into. 

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23 hours ago, Hohjoe said:

Yeah, like Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, and Nick Saban.




Some of them do well though. Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Pete Carrol and others.




And when you compare the first set of names against the second set on names, it becomes very clear.

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