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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I work for Nippon Oil Lubricants America. We produce oil, transmission fluid, grease, etc. for the Asian automotive plants worldwide.
In my Nike U of Ala bag

Driver: Calloway FT-5 9.5 degree
Fairway Woods:Calloway Big Bertha
Irons:Taylormade Super Steel Burner 3-SWWedge:Cleveland CG14 60 degreePutter:Ping B60 I
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I'm an Assistant Powerplant Operator for the Tennessee Valley Authority

In my Nike Sport Cart Bag:
Driver: Burner SUPERFAST TP 10.5*
3 Wood Burner SUPERFAST
5 Wood SQ Dymo
Irons(4-GW) SZ Vokey Oil Can 56* 64* TP WedgePutter Oz Mallet 6Ball: ProV1x

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IT Developer for The Home Depot, and yes, I wear the apron.

In my Bag (work in progress):

Driver: TaylorMade 10.5* R11, Regular Shaft
3W: TaylorMade Burner 15*

3Hy: Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid
Irons: 2005 TaylorMade Rac OS, 4-AW

Wedge: Cleveland CG14 56*, old dingy 64* wedge that I have no business using

Putter: Odyssey White Hot Tour Putter or a Cleveland Classic Anser-Style

Kicks: Footjoy E-Comforts

Ball: Used Titleist DT Solos.

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Hello Everyone
I work as an IT Analyst.

I am a newbie, just started trying to learn the game of golf in about 2 weeks now, i have been to the range and so far i have no clue to where to begin regarding clubs, i have been reading and reading a lot about different drivers golf clubs and how to get started, a few people have given me ideas, so far so good. Golf is in my head now 24/7. Looking towards learning some more, just purchased my first set a dunlop set, and looking towards upgrading in the near future regarding the drivers and clubs, terminology to me is bit of a stretch, but getting accustomed to the lingo by now.
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I run a search and interactive marketing consulting firm in Seattle. Running my own company has many benefits but time is definitely not one.

DST Tour 9.5 Diamana Whiteboard
909F3 15* 3 FW stock Aldila Voodoo
909F3 18* 5 FW stock Aldila Voodoo
'09 X-Forged 3-PW Project-X 6.0 Flighted
CG15 56* X-Tour 60* Abaco

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Awesome ! I am a currenty Paramedic Student, working towards becoming a full-time FF/Medic down here in South Florida (Seems like everybody and their mother, uncle brother and sister are trying to do the same thing) LOL

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I'm a Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Arlington. I'm studying to be a music teacher.

What I've pieced together so far:

SQ Dymo Squared 10.5* Driver
SQ Dymo 3 Wood
Slingshot Hybrid 5 Wood Forged Pro Combo OS 2, 5, 8 Irons Forged Satin 53* Wedge Putter: Affinity Loop Pro Combo Stand Bag

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I am active duty in the Marine Corps. My role is Financial Management and m main focus is on resource analyzing. I have been in just under 4yrs and I have already re-enlisted for another 4. Here by mid june I will be re-located to Hawaii for a grueling three yrs of fun in the sun and plenty of golf....so i hope!!
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I'm new to the site. So I just wanted to say hey! :)

I'm currently a full-time student. I'll be heading to college in the fall with a major in Legal Studies and a minor in PoliSci.

In the bag:

Driver- SQ Dymo2 Str8-fit 10.5 Regular Flex
3 wood- NDS
Irons- FP with an A3 Idea 8 ironWedge- 60* Lob wedgePutter- FX3 (but looking to add a Scotty Cameron sometime this season)

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    • Day 71 (10/3/22): A long session with impact pre-set swings. Still struggling to get into the position from a normal address. I was doing fairly well for a while, then went backwards. I can get in the correct positions in the lower body, but often my shoulders are still too level and I get poor contact. Tonight I worked on letting my right shoulder work down and under more, and not so level and across. This fixed contact dramatically, and it looked correct on video, but this was in very short swings at low speed. 
    • Day 208.  I am not sure what possessed me to just do backswing work and not actually hit a ball today.  I had a few minutes and just worked on the tilt drill, checking shoulders and tail at the top of the backswing.  There was a ball I set up to, and I was on the golf mat, but I didn't actually hit one today. 
    • Great thread here. The subject of quitting hits close to home for me. I’m 63 and my game has been up and down over the last 10 years. I have played most of my golf over the last 10 years at the beach (Md) where I had to meet people to play. I was lucky and found a group that needed a 4th person. As the years went on they added a 2nd 4 some and we swapped who we played with. Then a 3rd 4some and now we had many different personalities and talent levels. One of the newer guys was a 1 hdcp from the blues while everyone else was 8-14 from whites.  This changed our group and playing wasn’t as much fun for many of the group including myself. I retired this year and joined a club here in my home state (Pa). The differences from the flat courses at beach to the hills and uneven ground here in Pa was a game changer. My hdcp fell almost 4 strokes from where it was. Depressing. I tried everything from clubs, lessons and practice. At my age it’s very difficult to make change. I’m struggling to break 90. My swing seems to change halfway thru every round. There’s no consistency at all. Makes me want to quit so often.  Why don’t I? Because I know I’m better then I play. I enjoy just seeing the green grass at the course. I love the challenge. The guys I join up with are super nice people. The exercise from walking is good for me.    Again, great topic. Stick with it. This game is frustrating but good for you  Rod
    • The hole-in-one with this perspective. My best round for the last five years was an even par 71 where I choked on the 18th hole to blow breaking par. Five weeks ago I finally broke par with- you guessed it- a 68. Would I trade that 68 for a hole-in-one - no. But now that I have it, I want a hole-in-one.  The other thing I would say is this- how many times has someone asked you if you ever had a hole-in-one versus how times have you been asked, “what’s your best score ever?”
    • Haven't seen your swing, so this may or may not be your issue. But this video might be applicable. TLDR: get in the slot and close the face, either bowing the front wrist or cupping the back or both. If you're shallowing and swinging square or in to out and but not getting the face closed you'll hit block fades or block slices. If you're hitting slices that start on target then go right then you're swinging significantly out to in. Which means, more or less, you're not getting in the slot even if you're shallowing the club. Nothing prevents you from rotating the shoulders from the top and getting outside the ball with a shallow club, though it's less common than doing it with a steep one.    
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