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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I work in the Distilling industry.

I am privileged enough to live beside Turnberry, where the RICOH Women's Opening is being held.

I was looking forward to attending it this summer, but unfortunately I need to be away that weekend.

All hotels in the area are fully booked and I am willing to short let my 2 bedroom apartment opposite the Turnberry (Prime location for those that want to be close by) if you are finding it difficult to secure a location message me for further details :-)

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Hello everyone,

Since 1980, I've been an organizational consultant. My specialty has been in brain function and behavior and how this affects organizational culture. in 2001 I started specializing in the brain's timing mechanisms. Since then, I've improved the timing of hundreds of individuals. Timing Training improves coordination and it improves every measurement of athletic performance.

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I spent some years as a Radar Tech, a long career as a supervisor in a natural gas company, and after my first retirement, I have taken up playing the piano in a *****house, ( I say that rather than the real job of a customs broker working for a firm that golfers bringing in equipment and accessories absolutely hate to use.) Receiving pensions now, Ultimate goal will be to become the barnacle to taxpayers that I have always dreamed to become.
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I'm an accountant who has had a number of different stops in his career, but am thoroughly enjoying working for a small engineering consulting company. Working with people who are excited about what they are doing is tremendously empowering.

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Still working as a Web Developer (php, mysql, html, css, javascript) and providing with a bit of IT support (phone systems and network) when required.

Dabbling in game programming and 3d modelling too, using Unreal Engine 4 and Blender 3d.

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I work at a residential treatment facility for children helping kids that have psychological and behavioral difficulties.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I work at a residential treatment facility for children helping kids that have psychological and behavioral difficulties.

I don't normally comment on these post but yours deserves a round of applause. :dance:

Yours in earnest, Jason.
Call me Ernest, or EJ or Ernie.

PSA - "If you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING!"

My Whackin' Sticks: :cleveland: 330cc 2003 Launcher 10.5*  :tmade: RBZ HL 3w  :nickent: 3DX DC 3H, 3DX RC 4H  :callaway: X-22 5-AW  :nike:SV tour 56* SW :mizuno: MP-T11 60* LW :bridgestone: customized TD-03 putter :tmade:Penta TP3   :aimpoint:

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hello, first post!

I sell real estate. So I'm taking golf up again, naturally. We realtors have to do something with our "down time." Hahaha

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I'm the supply chain VP for a tech company in the satellite industry.


Driver - Ping i15 9.5 Stiff Shaft
3 and 5 wood - Ping i15 Regular 
Irons 3-PW - Ping i15
yup, there's a theme here...........
- Ping Scottsdale Tr

One time fanatic golfer, took a break, now back on the course/range as much as possible
"If at first you don't succeed.......Sky-diving probably isn't for you"

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    • I agree.  I think the reason that the TRO was denied was because there was no real basis for irreparable injury/damage. I'm no lawyer, and don't claim to be, but from what I've read that was the problem with the TRO as far as those 3 golfers were concerned.  Temporary restraining order  
    • And yet the NFL and NCAA exist and the others do not. So who really won? No damages awarded? Pyrrhic victory at best. LIV only exists to try and take the PGAT down. They will fail as the others did. Your argument is still very weak.
    • Day 59 (12 Aug 22) a rainy inside day, worked on lag putts from about 15’ and chipping whiffle balls into a small bucket (the latter is a constant game with the grandson - he was my chipping partner today).  
    • Day 284, August 12, 2022 Played Nicholas Memorial GC in WV on my way to NC.
    • You can search the topic, and yes, it has been mentioned. Recently. Not the PGA Tour's fault that there's no "meaningful choice." Plus the word "meaningful" is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. They have a choice. They have several choices. PGA Tour players make about the same percentage of what their sport creates as players in other sports. Golf is a niche sport. It's not the freaking NFL. It's not even the NHL. The law hasn't spoken on this. So, no, not "regardless of the law." And, let's remember, the TRO was denied. If the judge felt the suspensions were not legal, that would have played a role in her granting the TRO.
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