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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I am an Electrical Engineer by trade but gave worked in Manufacturing for almost 26 years. Married with two boys. Enjoy golfing, snowmobiling, computers and just hanging out at home. Actually I'm pretty boring. Just started playing a little more this summer. My clubs are 30 years old so I thought it was time to update. Got a set of Callaway XR irons coming next week. Also ordered a new OGIO silent stand bag. I am not very good. I don't expect much difference with the new clubs. I think as I use them I hope to see a difference from my old clubs. Also got a new Callaway XR driver. Believe it or not I'm gonna keep my persimmons 3 wood and 5 wood as I actuall hit the pretty well. I will eventually update but not now.
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I'm a package designer in NE Illinois. I play golf whenever I can, work and weather permitting. Can't stand to play when it's hot (90s) but don't mind playing when it's cool or damp. My brother is a scratch player, but he lives in southern CA. When he needs me to do artwork for any tournament he's conducting at his club, he calls me, but pays me with golf equipment. I haven't purchased equipment in years. Recently, he paid me with two clubs—a Titleist 910D driver and a Titleist 910F fairway metal. I realize the clubs are not brand new, but he reconditions slightly older clubs and they look brand new. OK with me. My handicap isn't the best, either.

I'm always looking to improve my game. Right now looking for consistency with my drives. Fades are no problem. Draws are tougher for me to perform with any consistency.

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Work as a Human Resources Generalist at a real estate company. Golf is my passion. As everyone here, I'm looking to improve every aspect of my game. I think about it way too much everyday.

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I've been incredibly lucky. I've worked for years, full time as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. I've had over 200 one man shows around the world. Because of my poster company(not mine but the company that represents me) I believe I have some work in every country. Sometimes do a painting about golf, which are fun to do. Most interesting show was at the American Consulate in Leipzig, in conjunction with Gallery Sud. Older guy now and more interested in playing golf with friends than painting 8 hrs a day. Looking back, wouldn't change anything.

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    • You seriously think Bryson was the first PGA Tour pro who started working on being more fit and gaining speed from that? Have you been watching the Tour for the last 40 years?
    • Looked at the X3 page, the X3 uses the fusion technology, so guessing some of the features on the X3 are going to be on the M+? If I had more time, I'd cross out the M+ data points and just guess from which ones are left over. Or maybe it's more accuracy? Or maybe chipping/pitching related.  
    • Don't even know how to describe it, but I open up to play a flighted wedge that will hop and stop. just let the hips and legs provide all the power, with the hands simply hinging and unhinging, naturally to a low follow through.. Most wedge shots I will play with a square face to simplify alignment, and I will change my 54 degree (my workhorse wedge) from a 10 degree bounce RTX to a 14 degree Vokey when facing very soft conditions or a very lush course. I will intentionally put draw spin on a wedge into a good wind,  or when the pin is well left and I want to get a good bounce and a bit of run upon landing  or on a shelf I don't want to fly to then suck the ball back onto the lower level.
    • Deja vu This was exactly what you told me last week, right down to the sword fight.  It will be a good refresher. Thx
    • But seriously, pretty solid explanation with good visuals. I’m actually going to make sure I’m gripping as Erik shows here.
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