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What Do You Do for a Living?


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Wow, Lots of "nerds" here. How do I get one of those jobs? I am a Sheet metal mechanic, currently doing mods and rework on Blackhawks for the Air Force and going to school at the ripe age of 30. Great work schedule to play golf, or go home and take care of honey-do's, schoolwork, and help with the new baby... New Baby wins more than golf right now, but I am still working on the game.

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I'm a communications manager for the agency responsible for building and maintaining our state highway network here in NZ.  Engaging work, and once daylight saving starts in a couple of weeks, we'll see just how flexible they are in letting me sneak off early for golf.

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I can no longer play golf but I still enjoy watching and listening to The Golf Channel on the radio. I don't think I yet understand the FedEx Cup points system unless they zero out everyone for the final hosted by Coca Cola.
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I wrote all of the software in the early days because the very expensive accounting software could not do the job. I've written a great deal of programs in my career which really helped with Excel. I've written a very complex spread sheet that almost ran out of columns for our Defense contracting company. How's life in Cabodia and are you a native?
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Came across this thread and not sure if I've ever posted in it. Anyway, in addition to being Community Director here in TST my main gig is in acquisition, renting and sale of an investment properties. I got into the mortgage business out of college and had some early success.

I left at the right time, then tried my hand in a couple other businesses (creative writing, day trading, investing in a media company). Eventually found my way back into real estate and in the past several years I've been slowly growing my own real estate investment portfolio. Planning on some good things happening with this in the next year (expanding, bringing in partners).

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I'm an attorney, which has really cut into my golfing since my law school days. Now I think about golf a lot more than I play.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

My current job is as a History Teacher/Coach.  This is my 29th year of teaching. I have been the head coach in baseball, softball, basketball and golf.  We've done a lot of winning and I have coached some amazing young men and women.  

Prior to being a teacher, I was:

  • Paper Boy
  • Physical Director of Parks and Recreation responsible for indoor and outdoor maintenance of a park district.
  • Welder for AO Smith where we manufactured car frames. 
  • Machinist for Rotary Ram where we built valve actuators. 
  • No Bake Foundry Worker where we made wheels for railroad cars.
  • Aluminum Foundry Worker/Specialist where we made parts for the Department of Defense.
  • Salesman for Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelry which is the top division of Zales Corporation.  In fact, I was the #1 salesman for that group for some time. 
  • Substitute Teacher
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I work at a sign-making company. We do more visual management than signs. I have the title of 'general assistant' which seems to mean I have zero authority but can be made responsible for anything the management care to blame me for.

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    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Rory win a major again. It’s been eight years since his last.
    • Day 579: Played 18 this morning and tested out the Shot Scope H4. Played pretty well. Driver was good to start but squirrelly to finish. Short game was very good. Wedges and short irons were very good. Long irons were a bit off the mark.
    • Day 161 (19 May 22) - Continued work with the irons today with the 7i, hard foam balls and the mini-goal post.  More small steps focus on basic shot shaping - working to reduce/eliminate pushes and pulls.  Total of about 50 swings - with a lot of contemplation between each. 
    • PGA 1st round early finishers : Leader - Mcllroy - 65 for -5. John Daly - 72 for +2.  3 birdies, 10 pars, 5 bogies. Spieth - 72 for +2. Woods - 74 for +4.   John Daly, 7 off the lead!  Hopefully he gets through the cut line tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing John Daly at St Andrews.
    • That all sounds good.  I used Gorilla Glue for my PURE grips / GG tag connection.  The tags have come out on occasion (I have only 15 GG tags remaining -- if GG were still around, I'd probably buy more). I've never held an apple watch, but your picture with it next to the GameGolf helps a lot.  I was imagining having my old garage door opener on my belt when I first saw the unit.   Yeah.  GG still has the occasional issues with courses I've told them they need to correct... that they did and reverted for some reason.  It doesn't help that my home course has multiple multi-green holes.    If these reviews come out well, I might switch units.  Or just the next time I get fed up with GG.  Which might be today, who knows. 
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