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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I am a senior manager working for Danieli in Italy (we manufacture plants and machines and integrate systems for the metal industry) following automation and electrics (from sensors to .. HV networks, turn-key plants) preparing preliminary technical study and proposal for ww customers which I meet and discuss with in order to satisfy their needs and finalize commercial agreements.

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2 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

Which plant?   I retired from the proving grounds may 2016.

I retired from the Delta stamping plant, which is attached to the Delta body, paint and assembly plants southwest of Lansing.  Over the years I worked in just about every part of every plant our local 652 had in Lansing. 

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Medically Retired DAV since 1997 due to my service as a US Navy/Marine Corpsman. (Liver transplant in 1999.  I have owned my own Corporation, worked as an Assistant Psychologist for the State of Arizona. Then went back and finished my degree in electronics. Had my own Computer Co. , worked as an IT tech prior to that at a casino in Mesquite, NV. 

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I'm a golf equipment technician and club builder. My most recent gig was developing the online chat program for Bridgestone Golf, which was the first in the industry.  I answered technical questions about golf balls, clubs and shafts, and between chats I would check out TST and other forums to see what was trending! 

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    • Why, there's been just as long to study it as the vaccines.
    • So she is surprised that a pharmacy will not give out drugs that are not prescribed by a licensed physician….. what a genius she is 😜
    • Two doors down from me, and I know this is a surprise since they have passed out anti-vax stuff before, the whole family got Covid.  The wife wasn’t doing great so she went to her holistic doctor and got prescribed the following: Zinc, vitamin C, Vitamin D and several others.  Plus the human version of Ivermectin.  She said the ivermectin gave her really bad diarrhea (good!).  And now they happy because they have natural immunity.   What strikes me the most is how arrogant they were, acting like they knew better than everyone else.  The wife even went on about how she had to go to a special pharmacy because most places won’t give it to you.   🤦‍♂️ 🤡 🤪
    • I am of the view that 14 clubs is too many for the average to high handicapper. Fewer choices in clubs helps with shot creation and also you learn to hit those which you carry better.  All this thought you can hit a club a certain yardage is not reality. There is usually three clubs between the front and back of a green for the average golfer, so as long as it's in play relax and enjoy the game and not stress out that you've not hit that six iron exactly 150 yards.  Driver, fairway wood or hybrid, any a few iron you like to hit 468 or 579 wedge and putter and you don't need 100 balls in your bag either. Relax and have some fun with your mates and you will score lower.
    • If it’s a grass range, and sections are roped off or the hitting area is clearly defined elsewhere….don’t hit balls from where you are not supposed to.  I’ve seen idiots hit off the grass when it’s mats only because “I don’t like hittting off the mats”.  I’ve also seen people use areas that are being rested for whatever reasons.   These over entitled morons will be the first to complain about the condition, yet they mess it up.
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