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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I work for a Network Manufacturer with HQ's located in Silicon Valley. I have been consumed with other "hobbies"  for the last three 5 years or more but am now excited about picking up the game again. I work from a home office but do a lot of travel, mostly in the Western USA.

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I'm in the Navy and will soon pick back up as a business major.  Started golfing heavily a few months ago with hopes to compete in, at least, local tournaments.  Unfortunately, I fractured my spine while snowboarding on New Year's Day, but I've healed enough to get out a play a little bit.  Played in a scramble over the past weekend and discovered I can drive the ball over 300 yards, straight.  Ready to fully heal so I can get back out there full time. 

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I am retired.  First from the Army after 21yrs, then from corporate life. I was the Sr Director of Technology Services working with media companies. One of our projects was http://www.augusta.com this at one time(before an disagreement with the PGA) was the largest Masters Tournament web site.

I used to get to go out prior to make sure the ISDN lines were functioning prior to the tournament starting.  The disagreement with the PGA was over live real time scoring online.  Still this site drew over 65 million page views last year.

Now, I take care of the honey-do lists, fly my airplane and play golf.

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I am a strength and conditioning coach working for a MLB organization. I am currently with a minor league team and loving every minute of it. And it affords me plenty of time to golf.

I love to talk training so if anyone has questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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I am an Engineering Manager for one of the big US Telco's.  (Hint: The one with the best wireless and landline networks in the world :) )  

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15 hours ago, Antneye said:

I am an Engineering Manager for one of the big US Telco's.  (Hint: The one with the best wireless and landline networks in the world :) )  

Wait, they each are "the best".  :whistle:  

Welcome to the Sand Trap.

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    • The AMC guys think (and show) the arm lock produces a more consistent stroke: My putting is so bad these days that I'll probably go try one.
    • I don't think you're going against the consensus, really, I'd certainly agree that the ball must be Known or Virtually Certain to be in the Penalty Area.  As I read the original post, I believe that @xcelrr8 WAS virtually certain that the ball was in the PA, and was asking about what his relief options were.  
    • “You talkin’ to me?” Taxi Driver
    • We had a somewhat similar situation happen at our invitational tournament a couple of years ago.  The format is one qualifying round to determine the top 32 guys and then 5 rounds of match play to get to a champion.  In one of the championship flight matches, a guy hit his ball into the woods and when it was suggested he re-tee a provisional, he was very confused.  He had no idea that if he lost his ball he could not just drop where it went into the woods.  He actually thought the playing competitors were trying to cheat him by not letting him drop where the ball went into the woods, and it took quite a bit of convincing to play his third with a stroke and distance penalty. The next year, I played in the same 4-some with him at a similar format tournament at his home course, and it helped me understand his confusion .  His course has a local rule to play all wooded areas as a lateral hazard.  I got paired with him in the match play, and found out that he had only been golfing 6-8 years and had a very quick rise from beginner to low single digit handicap - and 95%+ of his career rounds were at his home course.  He just didn't ever learn the rules of golf and assumed that his course's local rules were the rules of golf. 
    • Sorry. Don 't know his swing speed but I'm pretty sure his clubhead is moving faster than mine - due to the extra club length. The balls are similar - I've hit the model he's using. I didn't think, at the time, of trying his driver. And thinking about it afterwards I kind of wondered if it would be a bit like asking to try his razor - if you get my drift. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I do not currently know my swing speed or ball speed. When the weather breaks here again I'll take my swing caddy out and see what it has to say now. Thanks for the lengthening suggestion. I did not think of trying that but that makes perfect sense as a starting point. Is the process permanent or can it be reversed if needed?
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