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What Do You Do for a Living?


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1 hour ago, tlazzol said:

Wait, they each are "the best".  :whistle:  

Welcome to the Sand Trap.

True, but only one actually is! I work for that one :)  

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I am an instructor at a community college, Great Basin College, in Elko, NV.  I teach Electrical Systems Technology.  Having summers off, and a short work week, make playing golf much easier than having the traditional schedule!!  Cheers!!

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44 minutes ago, whowantstheworld said:

Marketing, copywriting, graphic design, business development etc. for a large English construction firm. Spend a large % of the day reading 'fix your slice' threads on TST.


Welcome to The Sand Trap!

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small business owner, we make stuff, we sell stuff, at the end of day we hope we make a profit

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Gooday everyone. I am Geoff 67yo live in Queensland Australia. Still work casual as a consultant trainer in the health and safety industry

I hit most irons ok but the driver, off to the right slice. I have just bought the latest Callaway. Distance not an issue. I start with 9 iron about 120 meters.

So cure this annoying slice

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I work for an Insurance Carrier in Ohio. I am a regional sales manager calling on our appointed independent insurance agencies in an effort to get them to write more business with us.

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    • Also, be aware that some golfers hit hybrids better than fairways. And others hit fairways better than hybrids. Hard to tell from your info. I would suggest a diagnostic fitting with current long clubs. This would show what performance you are actually getting from each club.
    • There's levels to this stuff dude.  I don't think you realize how few PGA tour golfers have the game that suits all course setups. 
    • These guys play a game of which Jack is not familiar.
    • Really to quote Jack, saying the course doesn't suit your game well Hello your game needs to suit all different course setups...
    • I’m just curious if you know his swing speed compared to yours? What ball is he using? And of course the golden question for me is, have you switched drivers just to see the results? I mean, if he hits your driver 10-20yds further than you using his……
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