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What Do You Do for a Living?


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Hey There!

I'm a graduating law student in Washington, D.C., who will be moving back to my beloved Southern California in May to study for the bar exam, after which I'll begin work as an associate at a large regional law firm. The answer to the pertinent question is I'll be an attorney soon (fingers crossed).

This site is great, and I'm excited about participating in some great golf conversations in the future.
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My last job was in sales. I worked for a Lubrication Manufacturing Co. and sold our motor oils, grease, gear lubes, etc. to the end user. Some of my customers where farmers, truckers, manufacturing plants and food processing plants, Munincipalities and so forth. At the moment, I do some volunteer work and am in the process of applying for voluntary international construction. I would love to help build branch offices and kingdom halls in other countries. That is my goal.

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Just found out about this forum a couple weeks ago and I can see myself being on here a bunch. Used to build golf clubs for a local sporting goods store but have been working in Education for the last couple of years.
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soooo in a sense, you work for the Devil. just kidding, I couldn't help myself.

Hey, I take exception about the fella who drills oil wells for a living. I worked in a oil refinery for 41 years as an electrician. (Just Kidding) Ireally did work in a refinery and I am just as upset about gas prices as everyone else but the truth be known with the price of crude oil at $90.00 - 100.00 a barrel we are all in the same boat. One solution, drill for our own oil, sure it would be expensive to drill in the North Slope but I would rather Americans get the money than a bunch of arabs.

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hey all, new to the forum and working on getting that "real member" status. I work in Finance in Arizona and I actually just joined to get some opinions on golf gifts/cards/etc from people who golf. I have a bunch of friends and relatives who love the sport so I'm wondering if they/you like to get golf themed stuff, and where the best place is to get it. Look for a new thread once i'm a real member...

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    • Day 53: Did some yardstick putting practice indoors, and some rehearsal/swing mapping with a PW, also indoors.  
    • Day 207.  If you think I hit some 6-iron shots today, you're right!  But I also spent 30 minutes putting on a real green by taking a break to do so;  I didn't do drills, and I mostly hit from 3-12' ; the shorter ones I focused on doing my best to make it, the longer ones I wanted to get close enough to have a chance but, if I missed, to miss them long with a short return putt.  I also spent ten minutes hitting half shots with my 54 degree (indoors, off a mat, real balls). 
    • Mostly firstname lastname.  No titles;  if I did, somewhere between a third and a half of my active contacts would have the prefix Dr. and that would just be confusing.  A few are in there as pseudonyms;  even though no one goes through my phone, it's just in case as I don't think they'd want their personal number getting released through my carelessness.   A few are missing last names, usually if I don't know that information about them for some reason, and a few have reminders if I only sort of know them or if there are two or more people I know with the same first-name last-name combination.   Scrolling through the contact list, I have a ton of people I haven't had any communication with, phone or otherwise, in over a decade.   The only time I have ever known how I'm stored in someone else's phone was back in college when I, at some point, found out that my then-girlfriend had me stored in her phone as "Bozo." 
    • I'm playing Lake St. Clair Metropark (Par-3) again this Saturday. 🙂
    • Mostly First and Last Name. If it's someone I want to remember associated with a business it might be like Jay (Henderson Construction). 
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