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What Do You Do for a Living?


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Amateur golfer...as much as possible.

that pretty much sums me up

In My: Black Titleist sc75 Bag
Driver:  G20 10*

Irons: Soon To Be Titleist 712 CB/MB Combos 
Wedge: 60* Spin Milled Oilcan

Putter: Circa 62 Model 1Putter #2 Vintage Pal

Ball:  E6

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I am an accountant.

In the Bag:

Driver: Superquad 10.5 w/ grafalloy Prolaunch Blue
Hybrid: Rescue Dual 22*(4)
Irons: 200 series 3-pwWedge: Rac Satin 52*Wedge: X-18 SW (56*)Wedge: CG10 Black Pearl 60*Putter: Rossa Daytona 1In the other bag:Blackout w/e2Jt Flex-7Reloader-BPMI Pure Energy 68/5000

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I am a Network Administrator for a financial institution.
In My MPB Bag:
Driver: HiBore XLS 9.5* Fujikara Fit-On Gold
Hybrids: FYbrid 5W
Hybrids: FYbrid FY, 3H
Irons: G10 4-9 & PW AWT Shafts with Cushion InsertWedges: Tour W 56* and 60* AWT ShaftsPutter: White Hot 2 Ball Blade with Winn Excel Jumbo AVS Grip Ball: Px3, Tx4, or Zip
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Hello sandtrap..Im new hurrr. I work as a graphic and web desiger for a living. Perfect job for introverts like me!

Titleist 909 D2 9.5 Degree Driver| Titleist 906f4 13.5 degree 3-Wood | Titleist 909 17 & 21 degree hybrid | Titleist AP2 irons
Titleist Vokey Wedges - 52 & 58 | Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Putter | ProV1 Ball
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I sell computer hardware in UK to the trade.

RIP Our Brave Little Baby Callam Liu, Still Born 12.37pm, 30th October 2007

- VR Cavity irons
- R7 Driver
- V Steel (2006) Fairway (3 Wood)- V Steel (2006) Fairway (5 Wood)- Rescue Mid Fairway (19 Degrees)- Titleist Vokey (Lob Wedge)- Scotty Cameron (Putter)

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Main Job. CEO of an Entertainment Transportation Company
2nd Job. President of computer software program company
3rd Job. President / owner of the Golfer's Academy Indoor Golf Center.

I prefer the 3rd one the best as Golf is my passion but the 1st 2 pay the bills.

Taylormade Superquad 9.5
Taylormade hybrid 3, 4,5
MP-57 5-P
Cleveland 56 & 60
Scotty Cameron PutterPro V-1

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Business owner. Our company sells and services biotech instrumentation in the U.S and Canada. Our customers are biotech companies, medical instrumentation companies, pharmaceutical companies and university laboratories. Home office is in San Diego. Lots of GCs here!
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Aeronautical mechanical engineer, for an airline.

Driver:  Ping G15 9* with Talamonti 70x shaft
3 Wood/Hybrid:  Taylormade Rescue TP 17*
3-PW Irons:  Ping G15 Green Dot KBS 90 shafts
Gap Wedge:  Cleveland 588 RTG
Sand Wedge:  Cleveland 588 RTGLob Wedge:  Cleveland 588 RTGPutter:  OdysseyBall:  Bridgestone 330-RXS or 330-SBag:  Generic

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I sell shampoo.

Actually, my family owns a professionals beauty supply distributorship. I'm the 3rd generation to work in the business. So I guess my real job title is sales/sales manager.
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I fix air conditioners, heaters, ice machines, and commercial refrigeration systems.

...the world is full of people happy to tell you that your dreams are unrealistic, that you don't have the talent to realize them. - Bob Rotella

Driver - Taylormade R1.
Fairway - Taylormade R9 15º.
Hybrid - A3OS 3 Hybrid.

Irons - Cast CCI 4-AW.

Wedge - SV Tour 56º wedge.

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    • Good for him. Now some people outside of NZ have heard of him.
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    • Yes for me its the opposite I play 60-70% of my Golf solo ...which I enjoy ..its my workout -mental health-work on my game .... sometimes if I have a comp coming up I really hope to do well in I'll play full 18 hole round and tee off 2x to 3x balls off each hole and usually add another ball or too when it comes to my short game .... is a real workout but I find it brilliant for endurance to my game hitting 200+ shots in a round ... (still have just one ball I keep a score to...) I am lucky to have a total population in my region of much less than 50k yet 5x courses I can play including my own for less than $30..weekdays usually very easy to just turn up without booking and get out .... you can decide your pace , tees ,go for those hero shots ,focus just on your game ... unlike my last monthly medal where one of the foursome found out I was a  fulltime ASX Sharetrader so wanted to talk about the sharemarket he was also trading which is fine but next minute my mind was thinking about the market(which it does 40hrs+ pw) and drove the ball OB !! my own mental weakness fault..  
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