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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I do a variety of things for a liquor/wine/beer distributor.

I will judge my rounds much more by the quality of my best shots than the acceptability of my worse ones.

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Hi folks, brand new here. I work in HOA Management, yup we are the folks who tell you to clean the weeds out of your yard. I play weekly with the CEO of my company so at least we have good hobbies! Take care,

In my Ogio Bag
Driver - Cobra 10.5 F Speed
3 Wood - Cobra LD speed
Hybrid - TaylorMade Burner 22 degree
Irons - Callaway X-Tour 3-PW 52.08 Degree Gap Wedge - Titleist Vokey Spin Milled56.14 Degree Sand Wedge - Titleist Vokey Spin Milled60.07 Degree Lob Wedge - Titleist Vokey Spin MilledPutter...

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I DJ & serve as an on-air, on-stage & on-camera host personality for bunch of different shows, events, clubs, tv shows around the globe.
details available on
DJ Yoshi
Official DJ: Rutgers Football
Boost Mobile Tour
In My Bag
HiBoreXL 9.5 White Board D63 Stiff Exotics CB2 5 Wood, Exotics CB3 3 Wood MP-60 5.5 Flighted Shafts 54 & Cleveland CG-10 60 Newport 2
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I work as a UNIX Administrator in the defense sector.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

In my bag:

Driver: Taylormade BurnerIrons: Fusion 5-AwHybrids: Idea 3i/17 deg-4i/21 degPutter: Never Compromise VoodooBall: Whatever I find, currently TP Black

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I work in operations for an automotive manufacturer, and am finishing my MBA this year.

In My Hideaway Bag:

Driver: r7 Draw
5: Genex Cross
7:3-PW: Silver Scot Blades56 and 60 wedge: El-804Putter: Dual Force II Rossie MalletBalls: Laddie X------------------------------------------------Wish List: Vokey Oil Can 56 Wedge

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    • Well, my mower freak out guy's name is Chris. So not likely to be the same guy. But certainly cut from the same cloth.  BTW - I just noticed your HCP is down to 5.1. I don't remember it being that low. Have you been practicing? 
    • Thanks. Makes sense. Have been trying keep the triangle from collapsing. This explanation helps. 
    • Updated plan Off season Full swing 2 hours  1 hr block   30 min skill / speed  30 min block  30 min finesse wedges 15 min block  15 min skill   Putting 30 min 15 min block 15 min skill Course 1 hour Skill Assessments by day Driver and Approach Mon / Fri / Sat Distance Wedges Tues / Thur Speed Training Wed / Sun   In season 3- 4 days a week doing the following and 2-3 days a week playing 18 Full swing 1.5 hour 30 min block  30 min skill / speed  30 min finesse wedge 10 min block 20 min skill  Putting 30 min  10 min block 20 min skill  Course 1.5 hour Skill Assessments by day Driver and Approach Mon / Fri  Distance Wedges Tues Speed Training Wed Also, some food for thought. Here’s what the GOAT did.
    • Day 20 (15 Dec 22) - Still feeling cruddy, so I hit some LW pitches in the back yard from random distances (5yds up to 25yds).   Worked on keeping the hands steady and not flippy.  
    • Day 35, December 5, 2022 Worked on things for 20 minutes before a data collection thing on GEARS with one of my better students.

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