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    • My thoughts are that, for most people, change is uncomfortable. They like what they're used to and new things are scary. I think that making new friends is a very good thing. It gets you out of your shell, helps keep you sharp and forces you to add a bit more to the group and not just coast along in comfort. I don't see why you couldn't still go play with the old group once in a while but maybe it's time to embrace something new?
    • I bet if Pfizer made the yearly flu vaccine, it wouldn't be as good as COVID vaccine. It has more to do with that the typical flu is a dumbed down version of the original, and we have no clue what strand we will get. 
    • 30-45° is good. Turn back too far and you won't get back far enough on the downswing.
    • Hi, is there a preferred amount of hip rotation in the backswing? I have been taught 45 degrees (and then another 45 degrees in shoulder turn => 90 degrees in total), but I can't really see why.  I guess there may be a risk getting the club too far behind you, but otherwise? I experimented a bit, and I can do more than 45, in spite of my age   And it makes it easier to get inside-out and avoid over-the-top. But maybe that's correcting a fault with another?
    • I still have the clubhead speed to hit a 3 iron cleanly, but it isn't as consistent as I want it to be.  I have now dropped the 3 and 4 iron and replaced them with a 4 hybrid.  There is a bit of a gap between my 4 hybrid and 5 iron, but overall I am happier.  Another of my regular four ball has a 7 wood, and finds it to be his most consistent club and gets him out of troublesome lies. You have definitely done a good thing.  Though dropping the hybrid is more debatable, but if the wood is more consistent, go with it
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