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    • Actually I'll record my equipment journey for posterity, as it's interesting to look back. When I started playing I bought a set of Macgreggor V-foil M455 clubs from ebay - with a regular steel shaft.  My friend gave me a Taylor Made Quad driver and a Callaway Big Bertha Steel Head 3W.  I couldn't hit either.  I added a Ping 4H and a Oddessy putter, and some Taylor Made ATV wedges (60 and 64, and then a 50).  I used this lot for a while until my son got too big for his junior clubs, so I gave him my irons, and bought myself a set of Cobra F-Max irons.  I bought my son a Taylor Made Burner and 3W American Golf, gave him my 4H, and then bought myself a matching Cobra F-Max Driver, 3W, 5W, 4H.  I kept the 60 and 64 in my bag.  I quite liked the Irons, but couldn't get on with the 4H up to the driver, so stopped using them. Then for a random reason I bought a set of Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons.... because I wanted to make the game a bit harder, right?  Actually I got on with them - they didn't flatter me when I hit a bad shot, and when I hit a good shot, they felt amazing. And then, at the club shop, there was a barely used set of Callaway Razr irons, with graphite shafts, for almost nothing.  I borrowed them, liked how they felt, and started to use them.  I liked them enough to give my Cobra irons to my son. Then, at my lesson about 7 weeks ago, I took a Nike, a Callaway, a MacGreggor, and a Cobra... and asked him which he preferred.  He said he didn't like the Callaway or the Nike, but that either the Macgreggor or the Cobra were ideal.  So, I had the MacGreggors regripped, and used them for a few weeks.  They're heavy, and clunky, but with a semi-decent hit they go in the air.  But they feel a bit industrial, and they are very heavy. This week, after I had a revelation at the range about how well I hit the ball with a smoother, slower swing, I decided to try the Callaways again, and they feel ok. Now, I mentioned, until very recently, I hadn't played with anything above a 5I or 4I.  But reading LSW and thinking about it, I realised I need to knuckled down and get over my fear of the longer clubs. I long since sold the old Quad driver, and having given the whole Cobra set to my son, I tried his old Burner driver (with an inch cut off the shaft).  I seemed to hit it ok at the range, so that went in the bag.  I also took the 4H out for a round, and hit it well, so that went in too, and I dropped the 4H.  I then took the old 3W and the Cobra 5W to the range, and then to the course just before sunset, and hit a few dozen balls.  The results were good enough to persevere, so I played a round with them, and hit them reasonably well.  I asked my son if I could "borrow" the 3W and 5W and he said of course, since he rarely plays and doesn't really care what he uses.  So they've crept back into the bag.  Finally I decided I'd try a 6H since i was hitting the 4H well, and picked one up from ebay.  I've been really pleased with it - it's solid for a ~150 tee shot, I can use it for bump and run shots, and I hit it straight - definitely feels like a keeper, and more reliable than my 6I. So, the bag contains the old cut down driver, which I'm hitting about 190 yards.  The Cobra 3W and 5W, which I'm hitting 185 and 165 respectively (based on Arccoss), then the original Ping 4H, the new Ping 6H, the Callaway 7,8,9,P, and the ATVs at 52, 56, 60, 64. I might try the Macgreggors again, and maybe the Cobra Irons.  The Ping Hybrids are keepers, and I wonder if I ought to try the Cobra Driver. To be clear: I'm not thinking that clubs are a fix... and I'm not taken in by marketing toss.  I'm sure anything would do to get me where I want to get, but with a range open to me, I feel a bit unsure which way to go. I also had an improptu "fitting" at American Golf at the weekend... at which I found I hit best with a very light graphite shaft, with a swing speed with a 7I of about 65-70 mph.  I had "orange" clubs and a standard length shaft.  Since I really like the Ping Hybrids, I might just shell out for a full Ping set, and be done with it. Open to recommendations.
    • ... without the big belt buckle.  Nor the grip-up on his driver.
    • He must be talking about Mike Reid. Radar.
    • Is Morikawa the new Anthony Kim but longer lasting hopefully?  
    • There's a picture of the two of them from last year's Open that is absolutely adorable.  I'm not sure if it's appropriate or not to link, so unless I'm told I should, I'll refrain. They might be my favorite celebrity couple right now. 
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