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What Do You Do for a Living?

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Greetings, all. Brand new here, but not new to chemistry and physics teaching, now in year 46... and still loving it. Twenty-plus years in public school, the rest in Christian private schools, both in New York and California. Also am an adjunct professor in a four year university. Moved to southern California from central New York in 1994. What a joy to keep my clubs in the truck all year round. Live in a place with our own 18-hole, par 3 course. Frequently play 3 balls for 3 holes with different clubs each time.
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Wow, a lot of IT guys............cough nerds cough..........just kidding, don't hurt me. I'm a college student, majoring in sororities if you catch my drift.

I'm a software/web consultant. I like looking through the server logs mid-day to see who's browsing the main site (we don't keep statistics on forum usage). It's always a bunch of people using thei

U.S Marine

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I guess I should update this since I posted last 2-3 years ago:
I'm now a Rational Clearcase/Clearquest Administrator & Software builder for the FAA.. now if I could only get paid for the job I'm doing


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    • save us the same fate, what's the name of the course?
    • Played a course with 5 par 5's, 5 par 3's , postage stamp greens and tiny little gaps in overhanging trees through which to hit ones drive. One par 5 featured a 15yd wide window one had to land in after covering 500 yards, to hit a 65 yard wedge to a tiny green tucked in a 90degree dogleg. And it rained half the round, wind blew the other half. I quit keeping score on the back. Place played like a 6400 yard miniature golf course with the windmills replaced by trees. Stupid.......... I will never go back.
    • Once again you willingly inform us of your abject ignorance.  It isn't about what you do or don't care about. It isn't about how you personally claim to treat people. These things are happening for a reason. The countdown is on before you use the term "cancel culture". Eye roll. Who'd have guessed that this would be your response!? Amazing.
    • I agree 100%! Every time a team chooses to change its name to have a broader appeal, oversensitive people (like yourself) seem to judge them for it and think they're over-reacting. See the article I linked to above.  It refers to a set of historic Art Deco statues long associated with Cleveland.
    • Day 150.  Yay, I reached 150. I spent ten minutes hitting balls slowly with my 6-iron, ensuring I didn't make too much of a shoulder swing, and thus stopped the backswing well prior to the shaft being parallel.  If these were on the range, I'd estimate they'd go maybe 110 yards at most. [I really should get a Mevo] Plans (obviously I need to post these day-of when I actually do things):  tomorrow I'm playing, then next week I'll resume some regular putting practice, mixed with some full swing of course, and will resume the April '20 challenge.
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