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What Do You Do for a Living?

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I'm in the military and stationed in Missouri. I was a 10 handicap before joining the military and just picked it back up last year and can't get enough of it. I hope to get a lot of insight and advice from everyone on here. Look forward to hearing from everyone.
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Wow, a lot of IT guys............cough nerds cough..........just kidding, don't hurt me. I'm a college student, majoring in sororities if you catch my drift.

I'm a software/web consultant. I like looking through the server logs mid-day to see who's browsing the main site (we don't keep statistics on forum usage). It's always a bunch of people using thei

U.S Marine

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I teach severely emotionally and behaviorally disabled 3rd - 6th graders at an alternative school placement in North Carolina. If you like to flip over desks, try to fight everyone including teachers and other staff members, cuss alot, and are used to bullying everyone you know, there is a good chance that I'll be your teacher.

I am the first adult person some of these kids have ever met that will tell them no and then proceed to back it up. There's never a dull moment. Recently, one of my kids thought he was going to punk me down and that I was going to get scared when he told me that he was going to "kick my motherf'ng ass". I told him to get to kicking it then and he started stamping his feet like a little 3 year old.

I play golf to relieve stress.
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Hi there, I am a design engineer. I usually don't have enough time to play on the net because of tight deadlines and constant support for manufacturing and suppliers. I do like to surf during lunch though.
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High School golf coach here . . . . but trying something new. I developed an app outlining the fitness program that I have my students do to strengthen their golf swing. It's called "Golf Fitness" and is written for the iPad/iPhone and is available at the Apple App store for 2.99. (Shameful plug.)
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I am a professional facilitator of information that nobody cares to know, other people in the industry call me a Math Teacher. I also am the golf coach, and girls basketball coach, would coach a spring sport but who does that during golf season . During the spring/summer I also Caddy at a local country club.

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College Student Major -Senior Athletic Training

Looking to go onto getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy or Orthopedic Physicians Assistant

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    • Really? I have no real interest in AirTags.
    • There's a note at the top of the "My Team" page now.  Confused me at first too.  
    • Day 106 (22 Apr 21) - 3/4 swings with the 50 and 54 wedges w/real golf balls in the back yard (and the neighbors).  Focused on engaging the bounce of the club and not flipping the club.  Worked on getting the balls to land and stop w/in 5 yard circle.  For the 50 this swing is about 50yds and for the 54 it hovers in the 30yd area.  Love it when you can pick all the balls within that diameter circle.  Followed it with some pitches of about 10yds keeping the head down and focused on the ball.  Could see the shadows of the club and ball out of the corner of my eye....that was somewhat disconcerting as I would think "Oh no....its off to sliceville." Then to look up and see it land right at my target.  Really forced me to keep the head in place through impact as it forced me to "trust the shot"......
    • Since I've only really attempted the game for the past 2-1/2 years and I will be 62 this year, therefore losing all the memories would be the "better" option.  Sadly I would lose the first birdie my 4-1/2yr old grandson made (yes we teed him up about 100yds out, but it was still birdie on a par 3 no less), but I would also like to think my best memories would be made going forward as my game will continue to improve to a point (age and loss of physical abilities will begin to rob the improvements), my sons' games will continue to improve and of course I will get to see and remember the great milestones my grandson will make as he grows into the game.  Forward and onward.....  
    • I can see the usefulness of the drills, especially day 5.  That is another way of envisioning what my instructor is trying to get me to do.  It makes so much sense that if I get my hips to turn earlier (and perhaps harder), the arms can follow, and the club will be square without my hands having to flip it to catch up.  I will do all of the drills, but that is the one I am going to focus on the most.  I'm also going to look more carefully at my trail elbow in the backswing, and make sure it isn't collapsing a bit too much.  I think that little flip is what causes my occasional fat shots, when I don't time it quite right it throws the clubhead into the ground. My SC300 claims those shots carried 155 or so, I think it is a little generous, I think the carry is closer to 145, total of 155, based on golf course results.  But, at least I am almost hitting solidly for an old, falling apart guy.   First night of league tonight, I need to cleanse my mind of extra thoughts for those few hours, and see if I can make some improvements over the weekend!  
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