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What Do You Do for a Living?

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1 hour ago, HooshnOhio said:

I work for an Insurance Carrier in Ohio. I am a regional sales manager calling on our appointed independent insurance agencies in an effort to get them to write more business with us.

Welcome! I think @saevel25 is either a member at, or just plays a bunch at Firestone. I grew up about 10 minutes north of Akron as well. We had a member outing this past August in the Columbus area, I'm sure we will probably have another one somewhere either central Ohio or maybe Northeastern Ohio in the spring. 

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Wow, a lot of IT guys............cough nerds cough..........just kidding, don't hurt me. I'm a college student, majoring in sororities if you catch my drift.

I'm a software/web consultant. I like looking through the server logs mid-day to see who's browsing the main site (we don't keep statistics on forum usage). It's always a bunch of people using thei

U.S Marine

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I work in a hospital laboratory as a Medical Technologist. Our primary role is to perform tests with body fluids or other materials which assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of disease.

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Retired since 2005.  Formerly CEO of Omega Performance, an international training company specializing in training for commercial bankers, previously VP of AchieveGlobal one of the largest training companies in the world at that time.

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Hi again y'all - 

I posted to this thread a couple of years ago but have since sold my residential Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling business and am now excited to be combining my passions for residential design, construction, and golf by opening a Tour Greens dealership in Dallas/Ft. Worth (North Texas). We're part of a team that has specialized in building residential/community size practice greens. Putting greens, short-game facilities (up to +/- 90 yards) and even Par-3 facilities with synthetic surfaces capable of receiving shots up to 200 yards since 1996.


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28 minutes ago, cosbornballboy said:

I'm a high school student right now, I play for the football team and the golf team. My pride and joy, though, is that I am captain of the debate team

Welcome! You should fit in nicely here, most of the discussions here turn into debates, some can get quite heated

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    • I really hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t come back.
    • Shot 100 yesterday.  I can tolerate that for now as it's just my second round after an extended layoff. Overall, I feel like I hit a handful of good shots and struggled from some inconsistency and a few bad decisions. It also didn't help that it was windy all day (about 20mph).
    • My "pairing up" story.  One evening I was out as a single.  On the 2nd hole a guy drove into me.  The green hadn't cleared in front of me so I had to wait.  When the a**hole walked up I let him have it!  He was larger than me and muscular and possibly could have pummeled me, but I was pissed.  So now the two of us are waiting for the green to clear.  Told him he could join me if he wanted to, but I wouldn't let him play through.  So he joined up.  He apologized without being prompted.  Turns out he worked in the same building as I did.  Ended up actually being an inattentive nice guy.  And we became friends.  And played again.  The best revenge was whipping his butt every time we played.
    • I am sort of easy on this, everything changes with the times. The only things I dislike are wearing a hat backwards and baggy pants. Also not a fan of collarless shirts.
    • I don't mind being paired up; I have met some real nice people this way. Since I end up wanting to golf and most of my friends don't play, I would just call the course and say "hi, I am just a single golfer, can I play today?", and they would just say to come out here and we'll get you out. So not usually a problem. In my way of thinking, if I don't book a foursome, I am at the mercy of the course anyway as to where and when they want to put me and that's perfectly ok, I accept that. The main thing is, I get to play!!! 
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