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What Do You Do for a Living?


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1) US Coast Guard, Yeoman First Class (E-6), and I retired after a very nice career.  To be honest (all veterans would understand), I got a little tired of trying and trying and trying to make Chief (E-7), so as the saying goes, I threw in the towel and retired anyway.

2) Unix systems administrator and then a database administrator.

I don't want to say anything wrong, but as you have all heard the horror stories of I.T. guys from back in the day...  I too fell victim to the widespread "I.T. downsizing / job went overseas" scenario.  I tried and tried to get back into I.T. and was viewed as too old, too outdated, a dinosaur, etc... 

3) Which leads me to my present job:  I thumbed my nose at the I.T. industry, took a complete 180° turn, and got my CDL class B.  I went to the county public schools, and became a school bus driver.  It's a steady job and the hours are great.  It's not for everyone - having to put up with 62 rambunctious elementary school kids on a bus - but it's a job and the benefits package makes it worth it.  The pay is not great, and is a SERIOUS financial difference, coming from the I.T. industry, as you could imagine!  But with a little juggling, refi the house, pay this off, pay that off, etc... we're doing okay...


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Butchammon, read your post and had to smile. I got out of the army and went into it. Like you I ended up being to old and got my class a cdl and have been trucking for 15 years. Nice to have a fellow vet and golf nut welcome to the obsession 

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11 hours ago, SmiterofPv1x said:

Reside in Ontario, work in Ashland. 

Nice, theres a decent group of us here in the central ohio/dayton area. We will probably do a meetup/outing one weekend this summer which you are more than welcome to attend!

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Doc Gooden. Daryl Strawberry. Boo!

break out the KKKKKKKluber and some Miller time! My middle son was the honorary bat boy last FRIDAY at the indians game. Too cool to even think of. I'll attach a pic or two and if I can figure it out you'll get to see him on a video on the scoreboard. Frankie is every bit as much of star as he should be, he took the time to autograph a little kids ball who then fell on the ground due to it. Next up he actually signed a glove for a kid wearing the opposing teams jersey. Great man, future superstar. Awesome. (Pre submit edit, video won't load but if you want to see it PM me for an email address to send to, it was big for us but not a huge event for the humanoid species, lol!). The kid in the white jersey is Colin. He swings 93 tops but has a sweet draw and rarely makes bad contact. I thought he had at least 2 years before he'd challenge me but he beat me like a drum on The Old Course recently. His day arrived, early. My only golf goal is for him to not beat me (again!) for 2 more years. He earned it with 3w's that were more accurate than my 9i's. That was a round to see. He'd hit a 400 yard par four, hit driver 210, hit 3w 190 and have 20ft for bird. He'd have wiped my sorry sack of bones off the floor had he just made a few putts. 



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    • “Hey! Let’s watch the mouth” Breakfast Club
    • I stand corrected. I will however, stand by the fact that he's not nearly as far gone as someone like Fowler. This year was clearly a drop on the stats front, but he still finished respectably on the money list. I'm not ready to assign him to the trash heap yet. Completely OT, but I'm curious how Rory's recent fall in the rankings compares with others who've fallen hard from the top  - not because of physical injury (I'm making an assumption that injury is not Rory's issue). People like Jordan (who's rebounded) and Duval. Do they collapse in one area (e.g. putting) or many areas? Is there any pattern? My guess is that there isn't a pattern, and that it's such a hard game that any golf "skill" that degrades can cause a precipitous drop in results.
    • @kmp which rules would you change, and how?  Though no rules should allow cutting down the lone tree at Chambers Bay...
    • Man, get well soon (seriously). This is just chit-chat about golf, or, to be precise, a level of golf most of we mere mortals can only watch in awe before heading out and skinning one over the green. The best of luck with your recovery. And I'm sorry for being snippy.
    • Yeah sorry your right but my point was Jack didn’t make the course the reason he didn’t win, my memory is abit off after a month in a coma. I’m trying to setup a new laptop and it’s not happening, I’ve had to admit defeat and get some help. My bad…
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