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What Do You Do for a Living?

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Accountant here too, except I got my bachelors and called it good.  Since graduating I've been working for a local manufacturing company for nearly 10 years now.

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Retired after 40+ years teaching HS music and singing professional opera.  Now very dedicated to working in the field of suicide prevention.

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I work for a radio station here in the UK. No I don't speak on the radio! I do however get to do some pretty cool stuff - Coming up with the competitions, sorting out the prizes and marketing for the station. 

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I sell building materials and tools. We focus on DOT and larger commercial/institutional contractors. We mostly work with concrete contractors, but also deal with GC's, dirtwork guys, and everything else going up the building. 

My job is actually one of the things that got me into golf. I got tired of seeing my bosses and the other reps going on company-expensed golf outings. We also put on a big customer appreciation scramble every fall. 

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Corporate Quality Assurance Manager for my company's Arizona production. Not tons of time for golf at home, but with all the travel between Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, Quebec and France I'll get to play a lot of places. Just got back into playing after a two year recovery.

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I'm an IT Director for a law firm.  Made my bones in the network engineering field.  Since I control access, I'm lurking on TST all day for the most part.

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On 8/2/2018 at 10:48 AM, JarrettLeger said:

pilot lounge

Is there a bar and stage with a pole in the pilot's lounge?

I am an engineering consultant who designs buildings. I have done some aviation work in the past and one of the projects was for an air hub for a large logistics operation. They had a number of pilot's lounges spotted around the site during the early concept phase of the project. I never found out what they had in there. Sounded intriguing. 


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    • I doubt a single poster in this thread has any issue being asked to dress to an expectation.  The difference is being 'asked' vs 'told' - you guys keep putting forth arguments that don't even come close to addressing that fundamental part.  A more minor aspect is the attitude/presentation about the 'telling' that shines through (a limited number of posters, not all of course).  (All odd, of course as the topic of the thread is whether it's good or bad for the game, not should or shouldn't there be codes in the first place) Good points made that can be used to convince someone to do it on their own.  As such, these are all moot points, though. As noted - I'll gladly follow a dress code at a private club.  I expect the patrons and staff to be very polite about it (as I would about anything).  I don't see it as good nor bad for the game, just a thing they prefer in their club.  It's no big deal unless someone makes it so.
    • 235 out on a 2nd shot to a par 5 from a good lie in the fairway.  Barely a downhill lie if anything.  The left side is all woods.  the pin is behind the foliage and the right side of the green is protected by a little pool fairly tight.  Probably 215 to the green, 235 to the pin.  2nd shot is designed to risk to the green, or lay out to the right where there's a simple collection, abeit also a tight fit, or layup to the right short where it's fairly wide. I chose the layout with a little draw - if I hit it straight or push, I'm on the short grass with a little chip.  If I do hit the draw, it should be fine.  Bounce up from short, either on, or just short and right of the pond. 5h (200 yard club) and I got the baby draw, but it was absolutely pure.  Came up to the green and noticed the pond protected the entire green, not just the middle/left.  But I carried the green, ball checked up just 5 feet past the ball mark.  (Long putt for eagle - of course I left that short.  good birdie). (empty course, I went back and tried my 3h - same result, just ball unded up long and just past the fringe, but greenside.  Apparently I was destined to finally hit a good shot on this hole.  I took out 3 holes that previously were problem holes.  good day - these of the season has been killing problem holes.)
    • 2 really solid shots from my round yesterday. First was a 190 yd par 3, flag tucked about 8 or 9 feet off the right edge of the green. I aimed right at the center of the green, absolutely flushed a 6 iron as good as I've ever hit a 6 iron, pushed it a little bit, ended up exactly pin high 6 feet to the right of the flag, had less than a foot of roll from its' ball mark. Sunk the putt for a birdie.   Second was an approach shot to a par 5. I had 245 left, and was a couple feet off the edge of the fairway and had some really low overhanging tree branches about 20 feet in front of me and a pond that intersected the fairway about 30 yds further up. The rough wasn't bad at all so I had a clean look at the ball, so the plan was to hit a punch 3 iron under the tree branches and let it roll up hoping it would go like 150-200 yds or so. Moved the ball back in my stance, kept weight and hands forward, gave it a solid swing and watched the ball start out under the tree branches then as soon as it cleared the branches it started to rise and ended up landing just short of the green and rolled through the green to the back fringe. I was shocked that it managed to go that far. The ball flight looked like one of those "stinger" videos that people post on social media, it was really cool to see (even if it was somewhat unintentional)
    • The opposite is far more true. It's much, much easier to accept losing by blow-out than to accept losing on the last hole. In the former, you just didn't have it, you accept your fate earlier on, you were clearly outmatched, etc. In the latter… you had every chance to win and still couldn't get it done.
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