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Keeping Weight on Lead Side Throughout the Swing - Thoughts?


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2 hours ago, Vinsk said:

But I must say this: My shanks? Ohhh, the feel is oh so real.


I have my own ills but that just sounds soul sucking.. u ever thought about them face forward clubs? Half joking..

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1 minute ago, GolfLug said:

I have my own ills but that just sounds soul sucking.. u ever thought about them face forward clubs? Half joking..

Lol…well I shanked an F5 or F2 wedge or whatever they were called. In all honesty  my shanks are much less common since I started swinging with my weight kept forward. However my ‘big miss’ or blow up hole still tends to be due to the glorious Lucy Side-Banger.

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12 hours ago, RyanG94 said:

The point of this post is basically - has anyone else been using this technique and how have you found it long term?

Yeaaaaars ago, I had a pro work me into this method, weight on left foot (front foot) throughout. This was before anyone talked about StackNTilt.

Result for me: I was solid with my short irons and wedges, ho-hum with medium irons, and had lots of trouble with low pulls with my long clubs. If it works for you throughout your bag, go for it. I just know it didn't work for me.

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  • 9 months later...

This is something I am currently doing.   Well, at least that is the feeling I get.    

But, in actuality, I had become so focused on making a good shoulder turn last year that I started sliding my weight to my back foot and ultimately getting stuck there.   That had become a normal feeling for me.   So, now, I focus on keeping my weight on my front foot throughout the swing.    It "feels" like my weight us up front the entire swing.   but when I see it on video, it's really not.  my lateral shift or sway is just greatly reduced.     right now it is very functional, and I'm striking the ball very well.      

That said, the swing thought itself is just a band-aid.    In time I will begin to feel as though that lack of lateral shift is normal, at which time, If I continue to try to keep my weight forward the whole swing, it will actually be forward the whole swing.    I just have to be attentive to when a exaggerated swing "feel" begins to become the actual exaggerated thing.   and...umm......     not do that.  


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I use a similar technique as a drill at the range and can sometimes bring it out to the course. Setup as normal, then lift my heel and put as little weight on the toe as possible without losing balance. Complete the swing as usual but keeping the heel off the ground all the way through. 

Some people may put a ball or something similar sized under the heel and feel as if you are not pressing the ball into the ground. 

Theory is to get the weight moving forward instead of "reverse C'ing" and ending up trying to help the ball up with all the weight on your back foot.

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