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When do You Play?


When is you favorite time to play golf?  

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  1. 1. When is you favorite time to play golf?

    • I would rather play early.
    • I would rather play later in the day.
    • I really don't care when I play.

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Early in the weekends to get more time with my familiy, but I'm ok with playing any time of the day as long as the pace of play is ok. 

In the bag: Callaway Mavrik SZ 10,5 driver (X stiff), Cobra King 4 wood (Stiff, 2006 model), Callaway Mavrik irons 4 - P+A (stiff), Cobra King Pur wedges 52, 56 and 60 (stiff) and Odessey white steel putter.  Very happy with the set and the gapping. 

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When i lived in Dayton, I loved playing golf after 5:30, get that twilight hour and just play as many holes till dark. 

Really, I do not discriminate against when I play golf. I have no actual preference in that I would not play golf if it was a certain tee time. 

"A good conversation is not designed to win the argument. It is designed to enjoy the exchange."

Matt "Dough", P.E.
My Game Golf Profile -
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What's in My Bag
Driver: :callaway: GBB Epic,  3-Wood: 
:titleist: 917h3 ,  Hybrid:  :titleist: 915 2-Hybrid,  Irons: :srixon: (4-PW)
:edel: Trapper (52, 56, 60),  Putter: :edel:,  Ball: :snell: MTB,  Shoe: :true_linkswear:,  Rangfinder: :bushnell: Tour V2

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I typically play later in the day due to work/schedule as well as the fact that the course is generally less busy and I hate waiting 5-10 minutes for every shot. 

That said, nothing brings me more golf satisfaction that watching the sun come up a cool morning with dew on the fairways and freshly swept greens! 

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Played early again this past Sunday. Actually enjoyed it more because I didn't get completely sh*t faced on Saturday night. Plus it wasn't quite as wet and cooler.  Starting to become a morning golfer.

My bag:

Taylor Made R7 (x-stiff).
Taylor Made Burner 2 irons (stiff)
Cleveland Wedges (gap and 60)
Odyssey two ball putter (white) 

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I like to play early because I wake up early regardless. The only drawback is sometimes the course isn't prepped (bunkers raked) and you have to knock all the dew off. But I'm willing to play whenever as long as I can get in 18 holes


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I only play on weekends and I play 36-45 holes each day so first off the tee in the morning is a must. First round is usually 45 minutes since it is only par 3s and 4s. Then I typically squeeze in where there is a 2some or 3some. Total cost at my course for 45 holes is only $30.00 (its a 9 hole walking course - $10 for first round and $5 for each additional)

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I pretty much play when my schedule allows.  My league is 3:08 tee time but other than that I am all over the place.  This coming Monday I am 9:10am then the following Monday is 8am.  Weekends "With the Guys" is usually 8-10am depending on what we can get.  When I play with my wife we try for very late afternoon/early evening since due to her skin cancer she prefers after 4pm to get past the higher risk parts of the day.  I know, sun screen, etc. but after 3 melanomas & multiple other forms she just does not want that risk.  She will do other times while on vacation, after bathing in sun-screen, but other than that it is late afternoon when I am with her.  It is a good Saturday if I can do a 9am with the guys and a 6pm with her.

Some of this is "Location".  A few years back I did 18 at 8am and another 18 at 2:30pm same day in Orlando in July.  That was BRUTAL!  Florida would be AM golf!

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Stuart M.

I am a "SCRATCH GOLFER".  I hit ball, Ball hits Tree, I scratch my head. 😜

Driver: Ping G410 Plus 10.5* +1* / 3 Hybrid: Cleveland HIBORE XLS / 4,5 & 6 Hybrids: Mizuno JP FLI-HI / Irons/Wedges 7-8-9-P-G: Mizuno JPX800 HD / Sand Wedge: Mizuno JPX 800 / Lob Wedge: Cleveland CBX 60* / Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG 7S / Balls: Srixon Soft / Beer: Labatt Blue (or anything nice & cold) 

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