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Norman's Request for Special Exemption to the Open Championship Denied


Norman denied exemption to play the Open Championship.  

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  1. 1. Why did the R&A deny Norman's request?

    • Denied to to age?
    • Denied for involvement with LIV League?
    • Combination of both?
    • Something else?

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On 5/19/2022 at 12:30 PM, Osbourne said:

The LIV World Golf Tour would have occurred without 'The Shark.'  Rumour has it that LIV wanted 'The Bear' as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), but 'The Bear' would not do it.  So 'The Shark' was 1st reserve!

Mickelson is obviously going to be the 'Poster Player' for the LIV.  It is thought that 15 of the worlds top golfers have already committed to the LIV tournaments.  Probably Garcia and Westwood?  Who else from the UPGA Tour is coming over to play in the LIV tournament in London on 9 - 11 June?  Anyone know?

None of this excuses Greg and Phil for getting in bed with some of the worst people on earth whose only merit is that their country happens to be on top of a giant pool of oil.

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    • They must have heard me whining.. lol.
    • I bought a sleeve of Taylormade Tour Response with the large green stripe.  I like them, and the way I’ve seen people line up putts is to line the big green stripe 90 degrees to where they are aiming, so unlike the triple track or single line guides that point at your line, it’s the other way. I’ve started doing that with any ball now, even lining up off the tee.   Generally I play Titleist ProV1 regular or X, with some TP5 and Chrome Soft Triple Track thrown in
    • - No need to be greedy here.  They are lying three (two stroke penalty), you are lying one.  Play for par as the best they can do is hole out for bogie.   - Play to the safe part of the green, no need to sucker pin into trouble.  In LSW, Erik covers why playing to the safer part of the green is smarter course management.  20ft for birdie is likely a two-putt for par, just as a good lag putt from 40ft is a two-putt for par.  Halve the hole and move on.   - When we play our casual men's best ball, we always let the accurate guys go first then we unleash the bomber.  I would do the same here, let the accurate guy get theirs in play as close as they can.  This sets up the bomber to hit a good driveable shot into the green for the win!  IF they OB the ball,  you are still looking at a decent attempt for birdie by the accurate one.    
    • I, on average, find 4 to 8 balls a round.  Many of them new. 200+ rounds a year so I find at least 800 balls every year. So, let's say I get the opportunity to play a hole or so with lots and lots of different type balls.  The following are balls I give to my buddies that I find...Snell, Vice, Kirkland, Top Flite, Srixon, Titleist AVX along with anything pink, orange, red.   I play mostly Bridgestone balls, the e12 Control.  Do not like it as well as the e12 Spin that was discontinued.  I also play the Callaway Supersoft.  But, as I said, I get to try lots of other balls.  Just hard to find the feel on all shots on the balls I described I give away.   The last ball I found was a TaylorMade TP5 Yellow.  Couple years back I used to play the TP5X white.  I found the TP5 played vey well.  I liked the feel.  Probably won't switch to it but overall a very good golf ball.   BTW, maybe it is because I am old but I hate the phrase where the word "game" is used instead of "play".  I don't game any balls, I play Bridgestone.  Now, the grouchy old man has spoken.  😁
    • Tiger Woods missed US Open to prepare for 150th Open Championship at St Andrews - BBC Sport Tiger Woods says he missed last month's US Open to "give it at least one more run at a high level" on the Old Course at next week's 150th Open... So now we know he likes to read Dean Koontz.
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