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2023 ANWA


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Rose is not as sharp today. She’s +3 through 6 and just hooked it into the trees on 7. The door is open, but not very much. Everybody is struggling, though. Only great round out there is still 6 back of her and is already through the back 9, so maybe not as many birdie chances left.

It looks like they’re preparing for a weather delay. If it calms down after the weather and Rose steadies it, she has a lot of birdie opportunities left. I still think she wins, but the door is definitely open.

-- Daniel

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Rose pulled it out but she gave the chasers a chance with a 76. She did steady the ship after the weather break, and was even the rest of the day after that. Her long game mostly came back after the break, and if her putting was slightly better, she would have won by a couple. She missed makeable birdie putts on 12, 14, and 16. She also let Bae into the tournament by dunking her second in the water at 15. That was basically her only bad shot that I saw on the back 9. Everything else was good to great. 

Really weird day, but I like Rose a lot, so I'm glad she got it done. Her amateur accomplishments are among the best ever for women. I'm looking forward to her on the LPGA. Heck, it wouldn't surprised me if she contended at an LPGA event this summer as an amateur. I don't know that she'll do a Lydia Ko and win as an amateur, but she's probably not too far from that.

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-- Daniel

In my bag: :callaway: Paradym :callaway: Epic Flash 3.5W (16 degrees)

:callaway: Rogue Pro 3-PW :edel: SMS Wedges - V-Grind (48, 54, 58):edel: Putter

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We watched the back nine. She should not have gone for it on 15. She had a two stroke lead at that point. Bae played well but 10 did her in. You can’t miss left on 10.


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    • The angle (on a clock) doesn't matter. It's how far off-center it is. An hour hand at 6:15 still goes through the center of the clock. It missed the center by 3/4" or more. The angle through the centers of the stick and club were probably 30°+ offline from the direction it was traveling. That's why the rebound was so much sideways.
    • I have the back of a pack mule, I'm more concerned with ruining my 20 dollar Greg Norman shirts I get at TJ Maxx. You are in Argentina? Reminded me of an old Top Gear episode.
    • From the camera angle provided, the putt appears to hit the hole around "7 o'clock." But since the putt was bending gently to the right, I think that camera angle was deceiving. Were the camera angle rotated so that it was directly on the line the ball was rolling when it hit the flag, I think it would be entering the cup much closer to 6:15 or so. Not dead-center, but pretty darn close.  From my perspective, everything about that putt had the "look" of a putt that was dropping until it rattled out. 
    • They’re there next year too. I cringed a bit at the players and coaches admitting to giving them advice during the round, though. 😀 I get it, but it’s also against the rules. It would’ve been hilarious if one of the new players doled out two penalty strokes every time their competitor try to help them with advice. 🤣
    • I'm probably at least 80% sure it wasn't. I ran a bunch of math based on my estimates of how far the ball travels here in 1/30th of a second… and to make it simple the ball is probably going to hit close to the equator, but most of my estimates had it hitting just below the equator. This is corroborated by how suddenly the ball not only hit the stick but starts to veer sideways: That ball has not dropped much at all there, and it covered the gap from the left frame to the right frame in 1/30th of a second, including hitting the stick and bouncing away. Also, by the angle it bounces, you can see that it's not hitting anywhere all that close to the center of the stick. The capture speed on a putt missing the center of the stick by over 3/4" is only a little over 4' past the hole (level ground, etc.). I don't see that ball going only 4' past the hole. Obviously, it decelerates quickly, but at the speeds it's traveling, it's going to go much farther than that, I think. It may have caught the lip and popped up and sat beside the hole, but it was also far enough offline that even if it caught the point just below the equator, it's going to lip sideways pretty quickly, not pop up in the air with most forward progress stopped. Yep. This putt was moving, and even if it was going to go in (I'd bet a lot of money it wasn't), this as you said could be one of the rare times when it hurt rather than helped, but as you also say… the odds will still tend to be in your favor over the long haul.

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