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Favorite Golf Company

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  1. 1. What is your favorite golf company?

    • Adams
    • Callaway
    • Cleveland
    • Nike
    • Bridgestone
    • Srixon
    • TaylorMade
    • Ping
    • Mizuno
    • Titleist
    • Cobra
    • Other. Who, and why?

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I think Nike has made huge strides in all of their equipment. Their not all talk or show anymore. They just make solid, good golf equipment. Made the switch just this year.

Only club that isn't a nike in my bag is my scotty putter.
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I can't believe you didn't put Wilson on that list. Shame shame shame. They have only won what... 59 majors? Oh but that's right, no famous pros played Wilson... did they? ... oh snap... Sam Snead....crap, forgot about that guy. In all seriousness, I get really peeved when people at the course scoff at someone with wilson clubs. Then I just chuckle as some old guy outplays them with Wilson blades from the 80s. My grandfather played Wilson, my dad played Wilson.... and now I play Wilson.

That being said, I tried steering away from them when I first got into golf because I thought the "glitzy" brand names of today would be so much better. Suprise... I ended up with Deep Red irons, and am looking at upgrading to Ci6's.

Wilson golf equipment kinda slacked off for a while (went to big department stores) but now they are back and kicking. Don't be suprised if you see more and more golfers switching to Wilson. It's a brand with fantastic heritage (Macgregor is in the same category, although they really need some momentum). Even the new Wilson golf balls are getting rave reviews.

I just hope they keep the prices down. Prices are getting really stupid on golf equipment.

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Tom Wishon Golf Technology
Because or owner/designer has over 35 years of designing golf clubs. Every club he builds fills a void in the world of golf design and he holds numerous first in golf club design.
Look him up you will be surprised.
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9 pages of users, 2 of whom, were powerbilt fans. Have I been mis-informed? I was told Powerbilt was a pretty good name.
Counting myself, 3 of my foursome use Powerbilt clubs. My set is a bit older, and doesn't include a driver yet (used) TPS 7.0 irons. Will these clubs produce errors that I will need to change my swing for?
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Companies that should also be there. Wilson-some guy called Padraig Harrington uses them. Macgreggor. Topflite-loads of people rave about their balls! Yes! I just got a Yes! putter-unbelievably good putter, great fitting, top notch customer service.

Whatever happened to Lynx-black cat and all that. Disappeared!
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Tom Wishon Golf Technology

He was actually the first to use the forging process that Mizuno advertises so much. I looked at some blades from Wishon this weekend and they looked just like Mizunos
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Topflite-loads of people rave about their balls!

...and that's about it. My dad got one of their drivers and within five rounds it had dents in it the size of craters. And his swing speed is in the sixties. Top-flite clubs are just horrible.

For my favorite brand, it would almost be a toss-up between Callaway, Titleist, and Cleveland. I gave the nod to Callaway though, because they have earned the most spots in my bag.
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hmm, i guess my OVERALL favorite would be Bridgestone. i like their simple designs and their other companies products (Precept and TourStage), plus i like their e5+ ball. i liked how the Precept EC603 cast irons were basically the same dsign as one of TourStage's forged iron sets, so you could go either way with them. i used to be a strictly Titleist guy though, but I never cared for their drivers. Im beginning to REALLY like Nickent too. Their 4DX forged irons, Arc Blades, and new 5DX hybrids are MONEY. But my overall favorites are:
Drivers: Callaway (I love my FT-i, plus i like the FT-iQ and the new Diablo)
Hybrids: Nickent
Irons: Bridgestone/Precept/TourStage
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9 pages of users, 2 of whom, were powerbilt fans. Have I been mis-informed? I was told Powerbilt was a pretty good name.

Powerbilt USED to make some good stuff. now they make junk. i think their heyday was back in the 70's

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Mine is fast changing to NIKE after the results I've had with my latest addition to the bag.

I know it's foolish to think the driver and 3 wood would work equally as well......completed foolishness.......but maybe.....naw......who knows.

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I said PING. I play their irons and I find them to be very good irons. I tested every iron on the market when I was searching and these were the winner for me. I'm sure they will last forever as well. I don't think I've ever hit a PING club and been disappointed.
I just hit the original Rapture driver today and the ball rocketed off the face. It felt more like a Titleist driver than my TaylorMade...very good feel.
I have never hit their wedges, but I really don't know why. I'm sure they are solid, just maybe not good enough to compete with the Vokey's of the world.
The PING G10 3W felt great when I hit it. Absolutely amazing and the results were awesome.
I also have a PING putter. I like it. The weighting of the club is outstanding - IMO up there with Camerons - but it's not as soft as my Odyssey (I really like softer putters).
PING bags...I honestly think they are the best bags on the market. I caddy and have used just about every bag there is and PINGs are the winners in my book. It's sad that I bought an Ogio over a PING, but I didn't want to shell out another $80 for a bag.
I can't really say much about their hybrids because I don't have much experience with them, but I like their headcovers!

I'm in a dilema because I don't want to have too many PING clubs in my bag. It's just weird for me. They make all these great clubs that I don't want to like because I like having a little variety in my bag. Overall though, PINGs are the best for me right now.
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titeleist just cause if i had to play all one brand it would be titty but i like all companies for different things
mizzy irons

taylormade driver
taylormade fairwaywoods
scotty putters
titty wedges
adams hybrid
nike ball
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I'd personally have to say Nike beacuse its the only good peice of equipment I have

What!! The people at Nike are awesome! The folks over at Scotty Cameron are pretty Cool too, even though they are considered Titleist Don't get me wrong about Titleist equipment though. They make great stuff and even though I dont recall speaking with a Titleist rep on the phone I did talk to one at a demo day when I first started playing and that guy was a d**k.
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Note: This thread is 4502 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Picked up a birdie on my away course, hole 5 a par 4 ay Campbell’s Scottish Highlands. Pulled my drive left but had a nice recovery 4H to about 105 yards. PW to 4 feet and made the birdie putt.
    • Day 277: Play 18 in a light rain this morning. Played ok with some good drives and shots, but also some missed right.
    • Thank you.  I'll play this out a bit in 2022 and count the rounds at each, too.  I think for 2022, my formerly-close home course will be the most common "not my close home course" I play, so it'd be different from the rest of the away composite.  
    • BTW try to name the pictures well so that everyone knows what they are looking at. I will rename the three I added to start the album when I get a moment.
    • I'm a long time flight-simmer and have MSFS on my PC with yoke, throttles, pedals, etc.  Pretty much built my current setup around flight simming (though my daughter does some gaming and takes advantage of the hardware!).  Got the max version day of release last August and have really enjoyed it. There's a "friend" system built-in.  I haven't really used it (one random person with "Bama" in their name friended me)--but would love to fly with any of you guys.  Add me as a friend when you can.  My MSFS profile name is "THEBAMABRUIN".  I fly several times a week, mostly at night...or when it's rainy outside.  So catch me online, or message me here to link up.  Since my kiddo regularly uses my rig, I'll commandeer her sweet headset and we'll go for a fly somewhere cool.  
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