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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Went to The Golfer's Warehouse yesterday to get some new balls, and came away with a few different types to try out:

1 dozen Top Flite Gamers
1 sleeve Titleist Pro V1X
1 sleeve Titleist NXT Tour
1 sleeve Callaway ix Tour
1 sleeve Nike One Black

I used the Gamers during my round today, and I was pleased with them, but not quite as impressed as I was hoping to be due to some of the rave reviews I've read here.

Can't wait to use some of the others, but I'm holding off until I straighten out my drive so I don't go through them too quickly.
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Today I bought myself a 60° Dunlop Bite oil can lob wedge to go with my 56° sand wedge of the same type, some Epoch tees (I wanted Zero Friction, but they didn't have any), and a Footjoy glove to replace my Wilson one that's pretty much worn out after a month of use.
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I went to Golfsmith last night to take advantage of a $50 coupon and came out with a nike sumo 2 #2 hybrid, a sumo #1 hybrid and 2 cannisters of spikes.
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Scotty Cameron Circa '62. Hit it a couple times and had to have it, regardless of the fact that I bought a Spider about 2 weeks ago. Sad thing is, I got a oil can 54* spin milled too. Both came from the secret account that the wife doesn't know about. :)
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Bought my two Cleveland CG12 wedges. I really wanted to like the Vokeys but they did not look right at address. Too small, too thick of a topline, oddly shaped. The CG12 in black was just right. It lay perfectly, has a beautiful shape, and feels awesome. I tested it against the Vokeys and the CG14 with the gelback insert. Already my short game has improved noticeably since buying them!
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Bought a pack of zero-friction tees and a dozen Titleist NXT tour balls, curious to see how they compare to the V1X. Looking for a Scotty Cameron Red X2 putter, but can't find one in 33"!!
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