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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.  

Titleist T400 irons. I haven’t gotten them yet, but they are on order!

Bought a US Kids golf set and pink hello kitty balls for my daughter.  It's for her 3rd birthday so i'm just hoping she likes golf as much as her dad.

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Originally Posted by Russtopher

Callaway HX Soft indoor balls

Chipping mat

I was going to get a hitting net, but the reviews online scared me off, as this is for hitting in my garage over the winter so I can work on my (admittedly bad) swing. Last thing I need is a broken window, so I'll work with these. Response is OK, not weighted like a ball, but when I s*&^k one, it goes right, so I know I'm not swinging properly.

Get one from Dicks, there's a "Big Net" 8'x8' not normally for sale. Callaway makes an 8x8 net as well for about $159 also at Dicks. There was also a thread (on this forum) with someone getting one from a company based in Washington state that looked pretty good. I plan to get that as well as this one gets destroyed. The net part on mine works very well, the frame is made of that pop up tent material. It seems to have held up for about 3 weeks so far (I hit about 500 balls per day, so it might be unusually high wear). I broke two clips that hold the straps together, but just tied them together. You might want to setup multiple nets in your garage like they do at Dicks. That would be a cool setup.

My kids use our net setup during the day sometimes, and I use it to hit at nights after my kids go to bed. Sometimes, an early morning session helps get the body going as well.

I would invest a bit more on a full size mat that you can stand on. It is more comfortable.

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got a Project x 5.0 graphite shaft and had it installed on my Powerbilt AFO WMD driver......it is a 350 shaft and the driver head is a 335......the Builder lightly sanded the shaft and it fit like a glove.

he said it may break.....but my SS is only 87-94 mph...so I don't think I'll snap it.

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The 2012 model of the Titleist 14way premium stand bag.  The 2013 premium only has one strap and the lightweight 14way is too small, got it in black with red/white trim.  Early Christmas gift to myself.  I'll probably get the 913D a few days after Christmas (not sure if D2 or D3 I'm going to get fitted) so not much else I need except some clothing.  On a side note, I had been thinking about new irons to get into the forged line especially AP2s, but I decided to take my dad's older Callaway Forged X irons to the range with me and needless to say I no longer need new irons ! He currently plays Mizuno MP-59s, so they wont need replacing.   Happy shopping !

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    • Well, Tiger won't be winning this one.
    • Yikes!!!  Time to hang up the clubs.
    • My putter head cover never leaves the big pocket on the side of my bag. My driver and 3w head cover go in the cart basket upon first use and stay there. Obsessing about head covers might mean someone spent too much on their clubs. The guys with iron covers crack me up. I picture them sleeping Naked in bed with their clubs every night. If you look at a “What’s in my bag” for a touring pro, most of their clubs look like well-used implements, beat to hell. oh, someone mentioned pace of play. Golfers fiddling with their head covers can get annoying. 
    • My bag has a separate slot for the putter and the putter sits below the shafts of the other clubs in the bag.  I take the cover off before the round and leave it in a bag pocket. I grab my driver or woods and while approaching my shot I pull the head cover off and drop it on the ground near my stance.  After the shot I put my head cover back on while approaching my cart.  I usually am using a trolley but I do this with a trolley or a cart.  It's a patterned habit, I don't forget my head cover. Perhaps on the OCD side of things, but this is driven by pace of play.  There are a bunch of little things one can do to improve pace of play and this  one, albeit a small one.
    • 1. Lose weight (lost 20 lbs since 2021 started already) 2. Walk the course more 3. Consistently shoot below 100 4. Score in the low 90s or better at least once this year.  5. Continue to bring my handicap down. (Hopefully into the teens this year).  6. Spend less money on golf balls (Avoid water and the woods). 
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