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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.  

Titleist T400 irons. I haven’t gotten them yet, but they are on order!

Bought a US Kids golf set and pink hello kitty balls for my daughter.  It's for her 3rd birthday so i'm just hoping she likes golf as much as her dad.

Posted Images

Blue standard tees

Movember callaway balls because they had a mustache and I was growing one.

New model FG wilson tour balls to match my clubs.

These days I only ever buy balls and tees.

Wish list,

Gps with ranger finder and a new electric trolley.

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Mizuno JPX 825's

Only hit on the range so far.


Finally change from my 20+ yr old Ramm FX2 forged.

Guess any new club would feel good after those.

Soooooooo sweet right down to the 4 iron.

Rifle 5.5 shafts otherwise standard.


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Order from Galaxy another pair of Ecco Street Golf shoes after wearing my one pair around friday just as regular shoes. they are freaking comfortable even on pavement all day

I have to agree about street shoes. I did buy my first pair of skate style shoe by Niblick and i love them. I have played in very wet weather and had no slip which surprised me. So good on the green as well.

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Bought my first new Taylor Made yesterday.  Played with a lad who hit his TM 3W, 15*, 285 yrds so i decided i needed one. Had to wait some time until i got to China and got one there for 250RMB =US$41.00.  I could not, nor could you, believe it was a fake. Except that when i hit the golf ball today it only went 200 yrds !!

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Ping G25 9.5* Driver Ping G26 4 Wood Ping G25 20* Hybrid Ping G25 23* Hybrid Demoed the G25 Irons but did not like them as much as I do my G20's.

I got the G25 23° hybrid and I really like it when I hit it right - high, soft ball flight. I'm still working on the "hybrid" swing, but when I do connect its is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Looking to get a G25 27° Hybrid as well. And although I don't have the G25 4 or 7 woods, I do have the G20 4-wood and 7-wood and those clubs are money! Have to tell us how you do with the G25 3H & 4H. George.

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I got a PING G25 5-hybrid (27°) to go along with my G25 4-hybrid (23°). Getting older, getting more easy-to- hit clubs. :) Still like my G20 7-wood and 4-wood so those clubs are staying in the bag.
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Ordered a set of Wilson Staff D100 irons with graphite shafts from Golfsmith.  It drop shipped directly from Wilson and arrived only two days later.

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In the last 2 weeks I have picked up my first full golf set! I bought it from Pinemeadow Golf out of Oregon....really good prices and have good reviews so we'll see on the quality when I get them. I have a good feeling about them.

Here's my list!

Command Q Ti Driver 460cc 10.5

Command Q Ti 3 Wood

Command W7 3 & 4 Hybrids

Command Q (Not Ti's) Irons 3-PW + AW (No SW)

Pre Wedges 52 (Chrome Finish) 56 (Bronze Finish) & 60 (Broanze Finish)

Xeon 9 Putter

Courier Golf Bag (Navy Blue, White, Yellow)

Driver, 3 Wood, and Hybrids made with Pinemeadow Graphite Shafts.

Irons, Wedges, & Putter Apollo Lite Steel Shafts.

I'm thinking about picking up a Pre Putter as well because I do like the mallet style a lot. For the price you really can't go wrong. Take a look at these clubs at Pinemeadowgolf.com if you want to see them.

Toatal price paid (with quite a few discounts might I add) $421.26. If these turn out to be decent clubs this is a steal and a half!

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Had my blades adjusted at Golfsmith. Loft of 7 iron up 3 to halve 6 and 8, lie of 6 two degrees upright back to spec. The rest were good.

Tech was a bit confused by old style lofts, at first wanted to adjust to modern till I explained that this would throw every other iron off. Once understood, adjusted to my specs.

Fine service, great work!

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    • I believe his accident would be almost as big of a topic as the tournament itself.   
    • Hybrids have long had the reputation among better players as being hook machines so I am surprised you went with a draw bias. There are a few things you can try already mentioned but if you have to fight the technology to hit a fade it may not be worth it. You may want to see if you have a 90 day grace period and get something a little more fade bias. I played the Nickent and Adams Pro Gold which both produced a workable ball flight with the shafts I had, but there are some hybrids that I could never fade reliably because they were upright, had closed faces, or had looser shafts.  You have to have a hybrid that you can trust with your swing and not have to manufacture something different just to hit a stock shot. 
    • Probably my 5 wood.  It is the one club I've never considered replacing.
    • The question was “What worked for you?”.     If the question were “What would you recommend?”, I would agree 100%.  
    • The current favorite is the Cobra F9 Tour Fairway set at 13.5 off of the tee. I put an Even Flow White 6.0 and it launches low and just goes. I love it on the tighter holes where the fairway runs out or pinches. 
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