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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.  

Titleist T400 irons. I haven’t gotten them yet, but they are on order!

Bought a US Kids golf set and pink hello kitty balls for my daughter.  It's for her 3rd birthday so i'm just hoping she likes golf as much as her dad.

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I traded a Cobra DWS 20* and $40 for a Callaway X-Forged 64* wedge. I also traded even a Callaway BB 2004 19* 5 wood on for the same club in 17* strong 5 wood.
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2 for $5? Buy 6 of them for $30 and sell them for $40 on ebay...

that's a little much of a hassle to make $10, no?

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A head cover for my 3 wood cause I lost the last one, and 2 dozen ProV1 balls because they were on sale. The trip before that was a set of MP-57's and 3 MP-R wedges and some Zero Friction tees.
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Mizuno MP-T Black Nickel gap wedge, 10.5 degree Nickent 4DX driver, bought the gf a Nickent 3DX 3 hybrid. A dozen Pro V1, a dozen Pro V1x and a dozen HX hot, pack of Zero friction tees, Tourstage stand bag. All within the last 2 weeks, I think I have a problem.
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3 shirts and Taylormade balls (165.00!) This is one expensive game.

Only if you buy $40 shirts for no reason. I snagged 3-4 nice Dri Fit polos at the Nike outlet for 15-20 bucks a piece.

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A pack of epoch tee's- they might not break, but I've been losing them like crazy.

I'm debating on going in and getting my stock grips which are a little worn regripped to golf pride MCC's.
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Too bad you're looking good for a population that's 90% guys

There is always the Beer Girls. I don't know what they look like at your courses, but at mine they are all 19-25 and nice.

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    • I like my mega sudoku I wont lie it usually takes a few hours but I want to start trying something larger than 16.
    • Well I had said that I would get back to you guys after I goofed around with the 54° and 58° on my short game shots (I only have my old Tommy Armour V-31 sand wedge as a 56° test).    My experience was that I don’t know that I will ALWAYS need two speciality wedges for  short game shots, but the 58° does come in handy from uneven shittier lies, the 56° has decent results from said lies, so the vote is not in yet... I feel the 50-90 yard shots are easier to control with the 56° (my 54° is 95-105 yards, and 58° 75-85 but I don’t like to hit them full). On the full swing motion wedge shots I can get away with just a 56°, but the one time I need a 58°-60° around the green... I think it’s going to course and conditions dependent... I can always take the 3-iron out for the 7-wood... or the 3 and 4 iron for the 7 and 9 wood... but that’s a different topic...
    • I actually am toying with playing with a 7- and 9-wood in place of my 3 and 4 hybrids not liking how hybrids hook, my 9 wood would have to be a non-Srixon/Cleveland because I’m not paying XXIO money for a 9-wood.    Hey, the 9-wood might be the modern equivalent, of the Ray Floyd 5-wood at the 1976 Masters, he actually took the 2-iron out and left the 1-iron in when he put the 5-wood in play in the 1976 Masters. The 9-wood might be my answer to question of the long par-three and long par-four second shot I have.
    • Definitely something that could help him keep golf competitions in perspective.
    • Please tell me it was also a vintage MB rather than modern utility iron.
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