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    • One of the things Bill Yates discusses in his book about pace of play, Out of Time, is the impact of course setup. Here is an example from a round I played July 18th. The tee box is aiming directly into the trees on the right (yellow box is the green, red arrow is approximate alignment of tee markers). If a player aligns themselves where the markers are pointing, most likely they will be spending a bunch of time looking for lost balls. This is also a 190-210 yard par-3, so many amateur players are hitting hybrids/fairway woods, with larger dispersion pattern. I see this all the time at my home course, it is maddening.
    • 9 hole Best-ball round with our church men's group (mostly retirees who are not serious about golf in terms of who is better), so this was a "What'd We Shoot Today" score of even par.  Anyway the team I was on ranged in age literally from 5 to 85 (well maybe 82, but 85 rounds out better).  This included my grandson, his first time dealing with best ball format.  All contributed shots that we played from, which was good.  For me it was the opposite of yesterday's round - big stick was inconsistent and putting was all near misses, iron play was typical for me.  Did manage to stick some good approaches on the green.  Now to have such a round without the help from my friends from 5 to 85.  
    • Might be slow, but I'm sorta liking these guys...
    • Slow play is not keeping up with the group in front, unless its a group of really fast players.   The question is how to remedy it.  I play with guys who shoot high 70’s low 80’s whose pre-shot routines are intermidable.  In addition they are elderly and just move slow.  So as the young-un in the group I rush, especially on the green.  They play from the correct tees, it just takes them forever to go thru their routine.   Yesterday I played as a single.  Arrived at the course at 3 and was told to be off before 5 due to league play. I finished in 92 mins and played thru two other groups.  My goal is to not 3 putt and no 7’s on the card.  Shot 85. High scores does not automatically mean slow play.  
    • Day 63, July 27, 2021: Three-quarter swing work again today, hey I may lose a little bit of distance, but I know where the ball is going. Rinse, Repeat, keep working on it kind of deal. I’m having small successes with the 3/4 swing so something must be working.
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