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I live California and a few buddies of mine want to go on a golf weekend somewhere,were all pretty good golfers and fast players.But the scenario is
we want to go on a trip and play a few courses on a Saturday and Sunday but have no idea where to go,we don't want it too hot or too cold and want to play reasonably priced courses but good and within driving distance of each other.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or knowledge of prior trips ye had.By the way if anybody is thinking of coming to san francisco to play
Lincoln golf course my advice is don't,its a dive,its pretty brutal actually, saw it advertised in a golf mag once and it made it out to be great,the course is
in very bad condition always.
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The best values in the bay area are Monarch Bay San leandro and The Met in Oakland. I play them at least once a week.
Monarch is 7300+ yards from the tips, it'll really challenge you.

The Met is awesome too, great greens and a really great layout, no two holes look the same, and most holes can be played several ways (lay up or go for it, cut the corner with a draw or hang back, etc...) Course knowledge goes a long way here, that's why me and my buddies can play it over and over and not get tired of it. Sign of a good course I guess.
Both courses are around $35-45 green fees.

Yeah Lincoln is a total dump, don't go near it.

Harding is ok, but honestly not worth the $130 you'll pay as non resident.

The Reserve at Callipe is also a good choice, it's like two years new, located in Walnut Creek.

Also the Wente Course in Livermore is awesome, it hosts some Nationwide events. You're gonna need to book tee times well in advance.

Yeah in the bay area the best choices are actually in the east bay, the SF courses are really not up to par.

What other ones are you considering?
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Ritz carlton half moon bay
my two favorite courses, my favorite hotel, and 30 min from my favorite city....it's my own little paradise.....IMO what pebble beach should be like...it's expensive though but there are some good options in that area too, crystal springs, 9 miles away, looks like a really neat course, and you always have the option of playing harding park in san fran
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what about lake las vegas?

Lake Las Vegas is not cheap. Each round there is about $250.

If you are only going for a weekend and don't want to spend too much, I assume you'd want to drive rather than fly. My two suggestions would be (1) the Mesquite NV/St George's UT area. They have some aewsome golf courses that are reasonably priced. Oasis has 2 layouts and Coral Canyon is nice. You can top it off by playing Wolf Creek which is a course you will never forget and its only about $100 or (2) Primm NV which is just across the border from CA (actually the courses are on the CA border but the casinos and hotels are in NV. If you want to fly, I would suggest (1) the Robt Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, the three courses in Prattville (Judge, Legislator and Senator would make a great weekend trip and quite reasonably priced) and if you saty an extra day the courses at Cambrian Ridge are only 40 minutes away. That's a lot of world class golf cheap or (2) Albequrque/Santa Fe NM They have a bunch of great courses.
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I'm not a big fan of Crystal Springs, to be honest.

I 2nd that,way overpriced.

Great idea there Sabram,gonna check out those courses you mentioned.
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If you dont mind the flight Myrtle is definatively the place to go. So many courses at great rates. Not many courses that will run the bill to high, but the ones that do are definatively worth the money.
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Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ. Still in your time zone, relatively close and golf-a-plenty! Beautiful courses and priced accordingly.

Oh, you said not too hot. Sorry!


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I go to Portland and Seattle a lot and played a few courses up there. From San Fran the flight is even shorter. Have you considered Coeur d'Alene, haven't been there but one day I will.
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Note: This thread is 4696 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Juli,    Our dominant hands perform millions of everyday task for us that are in our subconscious mind. We never give them a thought. However, the golf swing is NOT in our subconscious mind . It is a learned conscious task that is totally foreign and opposite to human genetics. If it was NATURAL NBA and NFL and other great PRO athletes would be leading the PGA tour .    Our shoulders ( upper arms ) are the most flexible joints in our body . This enables our dominant HANDS to bring food to our mouths so we could survive as humans and they will ALWAYS roll over, turn down unless we force them / teach them to perform otherwise . The DS only takes 2/10 seconds . Whatever key you choose to use must be  preprogrammed / prepared before you ever pull the shaft back . The human brain can only sort out and perform ONE ( 1 ) task in that short amount of time . So - what is that one thought to be ? Well - their is a direct connection between the brain and it’s dominant hand . The right in your case . It is responsible for dropping the entire lever system down back around behind our torso and to stay right palm upward during the entire DS . If we don’t we definitely know what is going to happen and you can see it on any range in the world . It is the turning of the torso ( inner circle ) that squares the face, not the hands ! Yes - I know this sounds radical and some will say so , but check out * Cortical Homunculus * and see where I am coming from.  thanks for your reply . Good luck
    • I get where you are going with this.  The only thing I can think of that would really constitute a "Mental Mistake" is there have been times where I'm forced to used a cart and it's cart path only. I assume I have the correct club and then by time I walk across to my ball (Not sure why I never hit it near the cart-path.) I realize I don't have the "right" club. So, 9 times out of 10 I use the club I have rather then hike back for another one.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I always think "Damned, I'm an idiot."  Pretty much the rest of the time my mistakes come from this list. Hit it off the hosel. Hit it off the toe. Hit it off the heel. Hit it off the bottom. Hit it off the top of the club, or roof of the driver. Shanked it. Thinned it. Or some other unexpected weirdo swing fault that happens.  I would bet "mental" mistakes, on average, probably make up about 1 shot a round for me... maybe less. I played yesterday. Shot an 84.... 12 over par. I don't think any of those 12 were due to "mental" mistakes. I would say that all 12 shots came from "didn't hit it good enough" mistakes.
    • Overhand or underhand? I do think the connection most on this site have is we like talking golf. Most want to improve as well, but may not currently have the time available to put in to improve.
    • Distance is great and all that, but you have to keep it playable. If the driver is costing you 4 penalty strokes a round take some lessons... real lessons with it, not some quick fix crap.
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