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Longest Drive Ever Seen

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  1. 1. What's the longest drive you've ever seen hit by an amateur?

    • 250-290 yards
    • 290-310 yards
    • 310-330 yards
    • 330-350 yards
    • 350+ yards
    • Heck if I know?!

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I was on #15 at Pendleton Golf course . Playing the blue tees I hit a freaking bomb down the right fairway. As you can see, there's actually 2 fairways on this hole with rough down the middle. Anyway, the ball was just right of this giant tree that splits the fairway. It hit in the fairway (which was hardpan) and bounced left a little as the fairway's sloped that way. I get up to my ball and I'm 149 out. 513-149. 364 yards! But I couldn't believe I just hit Driver-PW into a par 5.

Missed my 12 ft eagle putt but got the birdie.
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Growing up in KS, the local CC didn't have watered fairways. #6 was 340 dead straight with a slight downhill grade. I drove past that green twice, once by 15yds.
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My brother was hitting balls on a driving range, this driving range was different it had another range on the other end (which is about 370 yards away) and he was rolling the ball up to this guys feet

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July 6, 2006 municipal course in Barbados, 12th hole par 5.

Tee shot 350+ yards with a 30 MPH wind at my back, 8 iron to the green, sank the 35 foot putt for eagle.

Sounds like a fish story but I do have witnesses.
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Little over 310 by yours truly. I was playing 15 at my home course. It is a tough driving hole with about a 230-240 yard bunker carry. The wind was at my back pretty good, So I decided to give it a go, as getting over the bunker gets you an extra 20 or so yards. Hit a nice high draw, landed 20 yards past the bunker, and hit a sprinkler head that was positioned on a small downslope. The landing area is blind, but the ball bounced about 20 yards into the air, enough for me to see it again. With my usual 265 yard drive, I am about 170 out for my second. I was 123 out that day.
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Not counting PGA Tour (or even Champions Tour) events, the longest drive I've ever seen was actually one I hit. And I hit it 10 years ago with a Titleist Pro Trajectory driver. 340 yards on the #6 hole at Lake View. In the fairway, yes, center-cut.

are you serious

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Smashed one on a scramble about 5 months ago 380 on a par 5, dead center of my Alpha 6* with my Graphite Design Purple Ice 48 inch x flex (tipped 1 1/2") ball killer. Ball flew off the face, slight draw, low spin, and did get a a good bounce on a hard fairway, my group was 140 out on the 520 yard hole, ended up with a birdie though. Have drove a 330yd par 4 numerous times at my home course and been 2 yards off the green on a 360yd par 4 at my home course.

Entered a Remax qualifier last summer in Orlando and only hit it 301, just finished raining on the "grid" and everyone was hitting into a 20 mph headwind. Ended up with the 5th longest drive. 4th was 304, and 3rd was 305. 2 guys stood out, the guy who won hit 326, probably 6'5" and looked like a former college player with a very sound and fast swing , the guy who got 2nd was Matt Henson, who is an up and coming star of long drive according to some posts on the LDA website (Matt looks like a NFL tight end, and he had some scary clubhead speed, didn't seem to quite connect on a good one though).

Needless to say that one event convinced me I had little hope in long drive, so I will save my money on buying any more LD clubs, of course I like to hit the Alpha in scrambles, but for playing it's the Hibore Tour 8.5*
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ive hot a couple bombs. I wasn't a long hitter until I started posting on the web - then things just got crazy. I noticed the correlation of high internet use and longer distances, so I tried it out.

After spending 82 hours on an online forum, I hit the links.

Uphill par 5, about 580 yards, wind in my face and a slight drizzle.

I hit my custom 1993 Wilson Killer Whale (with a piece of the satellite they just hit with the missile as the shaft - extra extra stiff). The ball flew about 500, right down the middle. Hit a lob wedge on the green and then had a four putt, but the drive was a really great feeling.

Unfortunately I haven't been on the web as often so I'm only hitting about 340 now, pretty average I guess.
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I seen a guy(scratch golfer) pure a shot 340-350 to an uphill farway... Very hot, dry day with no wind... It was all carry to that distance almost no roll... never seen another shot even close in distance on that hole. I bet if the ground was flat(no uphill slope) it would have been close to a 400 yrd drive with a little roll.
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Windy day last month, but WTF it was a good stretch holes

#9 395 had 66 yards to middle of green
#10 419 had 100 yards to green, pushed it left a bit
#11 par 3
#12 514 had 165 to middle
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Not counting PGA Tour (or even Champions Tour) events, the longest drive I've ever seen was actually one I hit. And I hit it 10 years ago with a Titleist Pro Trajectory driver. 340 yards on the #6 hole at Lake View. In the fairway, yes, center-cut.

I have to say that one of mine too. I don't play with to many people, because my home course is not always full so I only play with my dad. The hole 14 is a 360 yard par 4, straight, and my 2nd shot is from 30 yards. Also the 15 hole, par 4, is 350 yards but this one dog-leg to the left and one time my second shot was of 20 yards. Now I prefer to use an iron to play safe

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I have a friend his name is Jack Downing, and like me he's about 55 years old. Several years ago we were playing a round and we came to a par 5, well I smoked a drive 325 yards dead straight, and thought hmmm. Jack is about 6' 4" and 230 lbs and played in the NHL for 12 years for the Minnesota North Stars, well he flew me by 100 yards(425 yards). It was nuts even he had to laugh, Jack had 200 yards into a 625 yard par 5 for his 2nd shot. By the way he hit it 5 feet with a 7 iron(sick)....bwgolfer

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250-290 yards with the limited experience i have with playing with a foursome.

Longest drive I think ive personally seen was Freddy Funk at Baltimore Country club last year on the third day. He's known for his accuracy, but the roll-out of this dog-leg left hole that I watched was amazing.
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I was playing a HS tournament which was pretty much like the quarterfinals to go to the State HS tournament in NY.

Get up on the first tee and hit my driver okay. The next guy gets up and hits his 2 iron off the tee about 20 yards past me.

I thought, "well, this guy hits the ball long, but I really didn't catch it and maybe my golf ball needs to be changed."

Second hole I get up, tatoo a driver. He gets up and hits another 2 iron and hits it 40 yards past me.

So now I change the ball on the next hole (same type of ball, just a new ball). I get up there and the same thing happens on #2, hit a good drive, he hits a 2 iron and knocks it 40 yards past me.

So I ask "is there a reason why you don't hit your driver?" And he proceeded to tell me that he has a problem snap hooking the driver.

He tried the driver out 2 holes later and put it in the woods and I didn't see him hit the driver again that round.

A year later he was playing with a friend of mine in a tourney that I was caddying for. With a strong down wind, but in cold weather, I saw this guy take out a driver and on a legit 420 yard hold that is pretty much flat, he was about 30 yards away from the green. He also hit a few other bombs that day and he was doing it with a Bridgestone J's driver.

He later went to play golf at Liberty for a year IIRC, but flunked out his first year.

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Eh none of you are going to believe it, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

I didn't actually see it, but it happened during a members tournament a few years back. My cousin who happened to be 17 at the time ripped a drive on a par 4 at the club I play for. It's 444 yards long, flat, and straight I kid you not his drive rolled up on the front of the green and interrupted one of the members that was putting. Now that 444 is measured from the tees to the middle of the green, so I would give him approximately a 430 yard drive. He did have a slight breeze behind him that obviously assisted him a bit. But he hits the ball farther than anyone I have ever seen. He is 6'5 and a solid 250 pounds. He has drove all of the par 4's but two at this course. One is a 430 yard par 4 up hill with trees that you have to cut, and the other is a 450 yard par 4 that will for ever be impossible to drive because you have to hit a cut due to the monstrous sycamore trees that line the fairway. He has in fact won a few long drive competitions in our area with a standard length driver. If he had a average short game he could be a + golfer. But he's stuck at a 2.
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Whilst driving back from Italy over the Alps I stopped for a coffee.At the back of the carpark was a 3 mile drop into nothing.Superb view and after standing there for a while the little devil has a word in my ear and youve guest it,The longest drive in history
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Note: This thread is 4225 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I just can't believe this on top of everything else has happened to him, he was supposed to win 25 majors and at least 10 green jackets and everything just derailed in 2009 and just setback after setback. We got a brief taste of his greatness at Augusta and then the world has to stop and just before we can see the second encore this has to happen.?When he had it all clicking in the early 2000's no one has ever played this game better than him and I don't think we will see anyone ever at least in our lifetimes dominate professional golf like he did ever. When I heard the news I just felt an emptiness I really never felt before about the game, sure the world keeps spinning on its axis but it's just never going to be the same for me on Sunday at Augusta.
    • I watched this video twice. I found it very interesting. Here's what I heard. First, I think the biggest point Mark was trying to make is that a golfer should in an ideal world built their bag one club at a time. As you go to lower and lower lofted clubs, you are more and more likely to need some help getting the ball in the air. It is hard to create proper launch conditions without enough loft. Where in the bag that happens (be it your 6 iron or your 2 iron) will depend upon your delivery, your swing speed, and it will be different for everyone. Some folks can hit a 2 iron. Other folks should drop from their 6 iron on up and go to a SGI iron or a hybrid.  Second, higher loft produces higher consistency. The trend of getting everything lower and lower lofted while possibly helping you hit the long irons, it might be hurting you in the short irons and traditionally higher lofted clubs. Loft is your friend when it comes to consistency.  Third, the further you are from target, the harder it is to hit target... No matter who you are. Fourth, higher handicap golfers are less consistent (i.e. have more bad shots) than lower handicap golfers. This creates a ton of what Mark called "noise" in the data. And with all that noise you can make an argument for anything you like. Therefore be careful when you are testing/getting fitted, because a fitter/salesperson can make what ever they want out of the data.  Finally, better players hit all clubs better. Worse players hit all clubs worse. The archer is more important than the arrow.
    • I apologize for resurrecting this thread but I thought this would be relevant information. The difference between Tiger's dip and Hogan's dip is that Hogan stopped the dip past P6 and only raised his head from that point on, even while hitting a driver. Tiger's just kept dipping past P7 and maybe P8. Mac O'Grady also raised his head in the downswing as well after his dip, just a bit earlier at P5 onwards. I believe this is a big part of the reason why Tiger needed multiple back surgeries and Hogan none, even Byron Nelson needed back surgery in his 40s as recalled in his autobiography and he definitely had a major head dip that continued past P7.  Now, I notice this head raising in downswing move after the post P4 dip only occurs with Hogan and Mac and very very very few others; I'd say 99.99% of golfers including the top tour pros today continue to dip past P6 and P7 especially with the longer clubs. That would mean only a handful of golfers in the world would truly pass Key #1 if this move was required to master it.
    • For any one wanting a cheaper sharpening option, the Accusharp is decent and requires no skill level to use.  Amazon.com  
    • Can't find the article or blog but I remember reading about Paul Wood (PING engineer) talking about how from a physics standpoint, more compact heads worked better for more skilled players. Basically a longer/wider face makes it harder for the better player to square up the face and hit the center. This bit hints at it.
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