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Master Cigars Thread


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The Cohiba's a decent little cameroon. I've been a fan of them for as long as I've smoked cigars (about 15 years). I also like the H.Upmann Vintage Cameroon, half the price, and an equally good quality smoke.

I do have some sentimental attatchment to the Upmann's though, they were the first hand rolled cigars that I smoked...

I was working a job in downtown Fort Worth, I'd get off from work, walk to the cigar shop to pick one up, then head off to the Flying Saucer for a few pints, I could chat with the other patrons, or find a quiet place to read and enjoy myself.
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I try to have one per 9 holes. Right now the humidor has a stock of CAO Cameroon Toros, Monticristo (Double Corona I believe), and IMHO one of the best inexpensive cigars - Sancho Panza (Glorioso). I also have a ten pack of Placensia Reseeve Organica that I picked up to try.

I like the toro size about 6 x 50. They seem to offer the best size for me.
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I used to actually sell cigars on the side back in the cigar craze 10 years ago.
Recently I went and bought a box of "It's a Girl" good cigars (yep, new dad!) and picked up some new ones for myself.
I am now totally hooked on the ACID brand by Drew Estates. A wee bit of sweetness on the tip takes the bit out and with the infused herbs, etc they are just a great smoke.

I still have a humidor full of old smokes, Partagas, Fuente, and ROmeo JUlietas (the old ones, before they changed hands many years ago). By now they will have likely fused their flavors together, but should be awesome when I break them out.
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I (like most) cigar enthusiasts, just cannot handle the infused cigars. To me, it is like smoking a perfume bottle. I am glad that many love them though. It is brought many more cigar smokers into the world. That is a good thing.
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I used to be the same way years ago Josh, hated them. Now they are all I smoke, I lit up a nice Fuente Short Story the other day and was like yuck:>)

Thats why I love the world of cigars. What are some peoples junk are others' treasures. Glad you like them. Mr. Drew sure does make popular stuff, you are not alone.
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Cohiba Blacks

Are you talking about the black labels or the actual black ones. I have a black one thats been in my humi for almost a year now and im scared to smoke it. Ive got a couple of boxes of the Oliva Vs ive been smoking lately, the Padron 64s, and the Tatuaje Cojonu 2003s too. Im still trying to find a couple of God of Fires.

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I have a couple of the God of Fires. If you need one, I can send you one.

I might have to take you up on that. It seems like the shops in LA horde all of the good stuff for their best customers and leave us the left overs. Is there a website that has them and are they worth it?

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Ok, so here is a question for the long time humidor users(josh ): I have 2 functional humidors(25-50 count and 150 count 3 drawer) and I am setting up a 3rd for a buddy. Here is the problem, I have found(and am sure some of you all ready know) that the analog hygrometers that come stock are pretty much junk and sometimes difficult to adjust. So, rather than replace them all with digital ones could I not just buy one digital unit(calibrated of course), and use that to check each of the boxes as well as use to calibrate the junk analog ones? What I mean is place the digital inside each box for a couple days and adjust the analog one accordingly. I do like the look of the analog but find them high maintence and unreliable. You can tap them and it will change 2-4%. TIA....Mac

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Note: This thread is 1963 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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