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    • isnt the idea that the club runs from the bottom of the index finger on an angle so that it's on the top of the palm by the pinky.  (sorry if that made no sense as im not sure of the correct terms).  it looks as though in that first picture that maybe youre gripping it completely in the fingers.
    • I was fortunate to grow up at the club with "no tee times" and it worked basically like @vonbonds described at his place. Where I was in San Diego and now in Vegas, you have to make tee times. I get the frustration of having to make times but the private club has changed in the last decade or so with more ClubCorp/TPC/Troon clubs and fewer equity options. The higher end (less members) should strive and maintain a "no tee time" policy but for most private clubs it's going to be tough because they have to accommodate more than 30 rounds a day. Not really sure the point of Rymer's tweet.
    • As a resident of Southern California, I am required to have an acting resume.  Paramount on it is when I sink a putt outside of 10', I act like I'm not surprised.  Not very convincingly though, but I've had very few chances to practice it. But... 8 strokes gained putting.  Granted, it's over 54 holes.  For contrast, my most recent round, I had 8.5 strokes lost putting (in my defense, I suck at putting and didn't warm up, and my practice leading into the round was primarily long game -- I still shot close to my handicap, in part thanks to only 0.51 strokes lost approach).  Even more amazing, my round before that was 0.23 strokes gained putting, so you never know with me (and those are small sample sizes). Still, super amazing of Marc Leishman. 
    • Day 19, January 27 2020.  Putting drill at home after work.  Aluminium ruler, real balls, over carpet.  Only missed two (one left one right).  Focused on setup, including hand position. 
    • There have been other holes pointed out. The first four that spring to mind: You've not defined "approach" You're not treating like situations alike. That's at the core of "equity." You're punishing a player because of the actions of the wind? Another careless player? You're not "playing the course as you found it" and accepting good and bad breaks that occur as a result. It's not an opinion. The spirit of the game is defined, and it means: act with integrity (including following the Rules) show consideration for others take care of the course That's it. That's the "spirit of the game." There's no "spirit of the rules." When people say things like that, it's usually - as is the case with you - what people "feel" like things should be. That's not how the Rules work. If the rock is large enough that a smaller player cannot move it, should every player in the field be precluded from moving it? No. That's a ridiculous position to take, if you understand the Rules. No, it's not. Go ahead and tell me which of the three bullet points it violates. The answer? None. You'd have a better case if you just pointed out that would be against the ACTUAL rules of golf. No, it doesn't. Your alternative is lousy. The OP's question has been answered. So, move on. This is not the place for you to learn about the Rules of Golf, the concept of equity, or otherwise for a huge discussion on "rules theory" or anything else. Someone had a rules question, it's been answered, and anything additional is both off-topic and muddies the waters.
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