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    • It was an amazing trip with lifelong memories made. Thank you to all who came out to this and made it happen. As @saevel25mentioned the weather was incredible for the week. It was as good as I hoped for. We played the black and blue combo tees on the final day which was fitting as we were pretty beat up by that point. I have wanted to plan a trip like this for a long time, and I am so glad we were able to make it a reality.   
    • @Shindig you probably lost your rounds. When it works that’s what you do, yes. As for what the stuff does there are manuals and stuff. You can use a LIVE device live, editing as you go, or record the round and upload on your phone later (when that works).
    • Well, I tried anyway and made some progress.  I was able to connect the app to my phone, so that's a step in the right direction. It said there was a round on there, and allowed me to retrieve it.  It looked like it was retrieving two rounds (which would match the number of yet-uploaded-but-recorded ones).  But they're not on the GG site or in the app.  The device (via phone) says no rounds on it.  But I was able to, in settings > support "upload log files."  I'm not sure what that is, but there were two of them. I'll check back for not-signed rounds when/if I see something different. A quick thought:  do I need to connect it to my phone before a round now to get it to save something?  It has a "play golf" option but I assumed that was for manual tagging. 
    • I voted for "Cleveland Davids" but it was deemed too silly. Here's hoping they have a good bullpen so they're good "guardians" of a late lead.
    • This fan-made one (by Tim Schifle) is awesome:
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