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    • Replacement soft spikes for my shoes
    • I don’t think it matters what the winning score is. What I like to see is the courses on tour presenting a variety of challenges. Courses like Bay Hill, Harbour Town, Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach are all different and difficult. Course like Detroit, Kapalua and La Quinta are normally easier but are all different. Variety is the spice of golf.
    • Great stuff, been following this thread every now and then out of interest, but the stuff goes way over my head usually. 😄 In the gym swing your lead shoulder looks to be in much more stronger position, in the right pic it looks collapsed/hugging yourself. Do you think this has alot to do with how you land/brace against your lead side now? I feel like I personally just slide on top of my lead leg/hip and all the torgue I've created in backswing disappears and my upper body has nothing to rotate against, it just floats in space waiting for clubheads momentum to pull it through. I guess it's time to start skating again, please keep posting these updates and the stuff you do in the gym, it's priceless!  
    • Another par 5 and sorry this is again more like "Hole of the week", but the good and bad shots seem to come in groups these days. This was only birdie of the round, althought had really good tries on few holes. Course was pretty wet since we have had so much rain for like 2 weeks. This is quite tricky to open further than 200-210m as it would require very accurate fading shot for righty. Hit a solid 4 iron off the tee (Red arrow) which stopped ~200m off the tee. I was in perfect position to attack close to the green with 3 wood, but I was still bit paralyzed off hitting 2 tops on hole two and I just wanted to get more good contacts to build the confidence. Measured that the left side fairway bunker was 210m from me and at first I was thinking of going with 5 iron to middle of fairway. Out of nowhere I managed to analyze the situation more; the flag was tucked behind the greenside bunker (bit more right and down of where it's in the picture I think) and there's alot of downhill from by spot. Realized with 5 iron I was in danger of reaching the left hand fairway bunker if I pull the shot and ontop of that middle of fairway shot would leave me tricky wedge over the bunker to narrow green. Quickly switched to 6 iron and aimed it to left side of fairway so I'd have better angle to attack the pin without having to go over the greenside bunker. The shot ended up being pretty much perfect (Blue arrow) and I joked with guys in my group that it was the first wise golf shot of my career. Third shot with wedge was lacking bit of commitment and pulled it to the left side of green and ended up with really long (9-10m if I'd have to guess) right to left breaking putt. Ended up draining it in and said it was longest of my career, the guys in group laughed that's alot of "career first" shots on one hole. 😄 The putt was probably greatest I've ever had, but still I would pick the second shot with 6 iron as my shot of the week.
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