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"The Little Red Book" (and His Other Books) by Harvey Penick


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I had heard this before but didn't know where it came from-I'm going to improve my score quicker through reducing mistakes than by getting birdies.

The other was an observation that I will always practice the things I am good at, rather than those things I should be practicing 

Good tidbits to remember

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Finished the green book in Feb. Didn't think it compared to TLRB. Due to Covid, picked it up again last week. Must have been in the mood for Penick. Been golfing. My go to City course is open, with covid changes of course. The last two rounds, just didn't feel relaxed. Thinking too much. Read something in the green book that talked about just swinging the club and getting the ball in the hole. Felt much better the last round on Saturday. Thought about Penick after two different par 3 tee shots, both landing in the bunker. First time in a couple of years I blasted them out properly and saved par. Gotta remember to just swing the golf club and get it in the hole.

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    • If you looked at the poll, you'd see that a significant majority of those here agree that armlock putting should continue to be allowed.  On the other hand, there's very little to be gained by insulting those who would choose otherwise, calling anyone "butt hurt" can't ever be productive.  And honestly, every rule of any kind draws some kind of arbitrary line, arbitraryness is inherent in rulemaking.  Overall, I think the Rules of Golf do a pretty logical job of drawing the lines.
    • Our game is difficult enough without having the ruling bodies try to satisfy the butt hurt so called "purists. Play, enjoy, play again. And invite a non golfing friend! Rediculous arbitrary rules hurt the game.
    • Um, what? He just finished 14th in Fedex Cup points, has generally excellent ball striking stats (similar to when he was winning), and is still among the best drivers in the world. If he can figure out his putting and short game, he could easily win any tournament he plays.
    • Hey, I am Italian and I care! There are a couple of issues with Rome. One is the course. At the moment it is a rather bland and uninspired course. There were probably better places in Italy itself and for sure in continental Europe to host the competition. The owners managed to get an insane amount of government money to get it in better shape; I hope they know what they are doing. As far as the fans, it depends: most of them will come from UK, what matters is if the organizers will start giving away a lot of free tickets to their Roman friends, friends of friends, etc. You may end up with a good number of "golf illiterate" people who don't know the proper behavior
    • “Stop saying that!” Princess Bride
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