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    • Just jotting as I go along, In the beginning,  I like his quick bio, but I would have asked more about the students current goals in the swing, current ball flight, feels, etc.  I'd want to know how my student thinks before I jump into it. I like that he was quick to work on something, but besides the comment of having "good player problems" he didn't say a lot of positives about the swing.  I like to start with something I like, then move to where it could go.   He asked how the guy felt after 1 swing on a golf ball.  I don't know, I guess I'd let him hit a few before seeing how it feels. So, 14min, two things to think about, and then on to something else? A lot and fast.  He didn't really ask either, to see if he is ready to move onto the next piece.  My thoughts on his back swing were similar. Didn't quite finish the turn and stood up by way of the arms at the top.  By feeling a bigger turn, he didn't allow his arms to prop him up. I don't know about the left leg extending on the down swing as early as he said, but I wonder if he said it to exaggerate the feel? I'm stopping at 20min for right now.  The initial work with finishing the turn was lost as they transitioned into the hip rotation.  No toys or training aids, just hands on and verbal.  The guy obviously had trouble with the hands on approach.  I'll label this a 2 for right now.  I'll finish later and see if it changes. I was definitely a little confused as he was trying to hold his left knee in place as he made a backswing and telling him to rotate more.  Once again, maybe it was the exaggeration to help?  
    • Dropped the pace a little, only two birdies through 3 holes.  60 watch, but he needs to improve if he wants to get back on 59 watch.  
    • With this I may switch from Game Golf.
    • Tiger -1 through 1. 59 watch. 
    • Session 7-15-20 GOALS: Setup: weaker grip, less shaft lean, posture-a tad (butt out, arms hang) Backswing: left shoulder down, right hip up, leaning tower Downswing: “release club”  Backswing did not feel deep at all, but it looked good. So I’ll try to deal with it. Will do more leaning tower next time Downswing felt steep and flippy because I was used to the old (bad) pattern. Draws felt the same as push fades.  Overall big improvement.
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